MSFS Monthly Update

outside the patch coming.

Update are monthly “

Time: 49:57


Nice @ExpressTomato52 I wonder what the big things that Jorg can’t mention were haha! Exciting times! VR in October @ExpressTomato52 have you ordered a G2? :slight_smile:

I don’t know but so far they talked shared cockpit, full dynamic season, new FX system, bing\world update, sim update, helicopter, DLC, they can’t reveal probably for competition, but when you have bigger team always help for faster achievement, not sure what it is but look like something special.

Ps: For VR I will wait a bit, not sure if I will be in.

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Ah on the fence. All I can say is flying an F15 Strike Eagle in DCS World in the Nevada map with an Oculus Rift remains the single most amazing experience I’ve ever had on a PC. Might be worth letting things settle down but like Jorg says you have to experience to know what you might be missing.

Hopefully DX12 and DLSS

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