MSFS no longer reacts after using ALT+TAB to change the window

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Each time I ALT+TAB out of the sim to another window for some time, I cannot ALT+TAB back into the sim. Microsoft Flight Simulator.exe is still running in the background but doesn’t react anymore. Neither the Task Manager, nor ALT+TAB or clicking the Window in the Task bar works. Also closing the MSFS Windows is only possible via “End Task” in the Task Manager

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Simply use ALT+TAB to exit the Flight Simulator Window and try to reopen the Window after a while.

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Windows 10 22H1, AMD 5950X, RTX 3070, 64 GB Ram

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occurs with DX11 and DX12

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Occurs with DLSS and TAA

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I just tested it and it works well on my case under Windows 11.



It is a Windows 10/11 function.

What is a Windows 10/11 function?

Alt-Tab - Wikipedia).

Alt+Tab is the common name for a keyboard shortcut that has been in Microsoft Windows since Windows 2.0 (1987). This shortcut switches between application-level windows without using the mouse; hence it was named Task Switcher (Flip in Windows Vista).

No need to explain that. That’s quite obvious but with MSFS, exactly this function doesn’t work anymore since SU10, and I don’t think that Windows is at fault.

My problem is that MSFS freezes when I try to switch back to the MSFS Task in any way, and I have to close it manually via the Task Manager.
That means I cannot use any external apps or paint textures anymore without having to kill the frozen MSFS task and restart MSFS constantly.


Me on Xbox Series X after 3 hours of flight: long freezing, ground surfaces disappearance and CTD with sound effects going regularly in background

I just started getting this today. Alt-Tab to e.g. Edge or Chrome and eventually MSFS locks up i.e. 100% unresponsive. I’ve had it on all flights today after a random time. Last time about 2hrs into the flight. MSFS is just “frozen” but strangely the audio continues.


I’ve been experiencing the same issue for quite some time, and I do have a workaround …

CTL-ALT-DEL and then cancel (go back to Windows). For some reason that “releases” whatever is blocking MSFS.

I wish I knew what was causing this, but at least there’s a workaround (hopefully it works for you as well)

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