MSFS not loading correctly

Does anyone know why I have to load MSFS two times each time I want to fly?
For the last two months I load up MSFS and none of the aircraft load. I shut it down and reload a second time, and all is well.
Win 10 is up to date, Steam is up to date and MSFS is up to date I’ve searched for a remedy from steam and the internet, I can’t find anything on my problem.

Thanks to all,
Dennis Volz

Just a thought
Have you tried deleting the content.xml file and letting MSFS re load it and also the repair option in Apps

These 2 options have helped me in the past
Ps clearing your cache first might help before the above steps

Same here. Have load it again because I can’t select ‘Fly Now’ (Grayed out) also the marketplace and options menus are all messed up.