MSFS on 2 PC's

i know i can only run one MSFS at the same time, but i have it installed on 2 PC’s because i want to use one PC for testing ( sceneries, Tools and so on ) and the other one for use in my Homecockpit.

Now it seams that the settings i do at the Test Pc are always syncroniced with the other one.

As example, today i turned on the Airports View to make it easy to find them on the test pc.
then i start MSFS on the other PC and now are also here the Airport signs on.

Can i disable that, so that i have different settings for each pc ?


Don’t think so, your settings are saved to “the MS Cloud” so every machine you use with your registered name will have the same settings. The only way round it is to buy another copy of MSFS and register it with a different name…

Ahh ok.
So maybe MS can provide a Option to keep the settings on different PC’s


Good luck with that - MS are there to sell product, the whole point of their Cloud philosophy. Why give “customers” an option not to buy another copy?

It is possible but you need two Microsoft linked family accounts and no you won’t have to pay again. You can even play them at the same time on the same router and possibly other devices.

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If thats for steam, goto the top left of the steam client and click Steam/settings/cloud, and turn off cloud saves, then go into library , right click on flightsimulator choose properties/general and make sure its turned off there as well. You’ll have to do this with both machines or the steam cloud will fuss about cloud saves on one of the machines.


no sorry, its from the MS Store.


does anyone know which settings exactly are saved in the cloud for the MS Store version ?

All of them.

The expectation is that people want to seamlessly switch from one platform to another.