MSFS on Xbox Series S - will this work?

Hi evoke,

I am fying on a series x but as far as I know from different reviews the series s has only a lesser resolution (1080p), but should run fine with your equippment, above all when your are not into 4k games in the future.



Thanks for the reply. The resolution isn’t too important for me. It’s mainly online multiplayer that I’m interested in.

So, just to clarify, an Xbox Live Gold subscription is sufficient for playing MSFS 2020 in online multiplayer mode?

I bought a series s for MSFS, it’s fantastic, so much so that I bought a series x. It looks a little better on the x but the x struggles in frame rat on occasion. You’ll do great with an s but you’ll need game pass to download the game. I believe Microsoft will allow you to upgrade to game pass ultimate for £1. I suggest you contact ms.

It’s virtually impossible to get an Xbox X here in the UK! The S is available so that’s what I will go for. I have already bought MSFS 2020 from the Microsoft Store, but I just don’t have a device to install it on at the moment. I hope to get an ‘S’ in the next two weeks.

It’s not clarified, whether an Xbox Live Gold is needed for multiplayer in MSFS20 on a console, For other games yes, but the case of the MSFS20 is different because the whole game experience is based on permanant internet earth, plane and players data. Just wait and try, if necessary you can buy Xbox Live Gold via the online store of the xbox within minutes.

Yes you need Gold to play Multiplayer with your friends. You don’t need Gold for just use the Onlineservices for Live Weather, Live traffic, Bing Mapdata, … Only if you want play Mlutliplayer with other Players, you need Gold.

But warning: The MP has a very bad bug:

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I have been flying on both, first the Series S and now on the Series X. It works fine on the Series S and it is fully usable. The difference in resolution is not as noticeable as I thought before the upgrade to the X. The biggest and most noticeable difference is the draw distance, which is very low on the Series S.

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Yes this will work. The S is limited to the 1080p resolution but from what I’ve heard is that it works better for frame rates with the Series S. The X has 4k enabled but not as smooth.

Essentially you need XB Live Gold and the Game.

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XBOX Series S is fine.

It gets 1440p as long as your tv or monitor does.

I have 15 Day Free Game Pass if you need it…

Thank you for the kind offer. I think I should be fine though as I have 11 months left on my Xbox Live Gold subscription and I have already purchased a digital copy of MSFS 2020. My Xbox Series S is arriving this week by the weekend I should be up and running!

Hi. A couple of questions please, while I’m planning to buy a series S, because I’m not familiar with X Box procedures. I’m a PC MSFS2020 Deluxe user bought via the MS Store.

  1. Do I need to buy the X Box version or is there any cross platform offer available?
  2. Apart from the hardware limitations (resolution, MP, etc.), is the game identical or do I have to expect missing areas (aircrafts available, VR capability, etc.)?

Thank you for your help

hey im having isuses with the euro fighter can ya point me in the direction who i need to speak to . been booted that enough .

No, as far as I know you if you use the same account you can download the same game on the xbox. But I don’t know, if you can use both systems at the same time.

The game is content identical but with the limitations of using 3party modules or connected flightplaner. And the availibilty of market place purchases is sometimes limited or the process to include them needs longer time on xbox.


have a similar question:
Have the PC version (via steam) - and just about to get the X box X version (its free on the game pass) but I need to use the same microsoft ID for the steam version and the Xbox…questions is:
1)Will I be able to run the Xbox version and steam together (2 different people playing) and then do a flight in multiplayer?
2)If no - is there a work around as would really like to use both versions together in order to play multiplayer? (note I really need to use the microsoft ID I use for the steam version on my Xbox because Its the one I use for my gamepass ultimate)

no. it will advise you to log off the other user or the program will log it off

one of the reasons i have jediknight308 and thejediknight

we can play MP at my place

Thanks for the reply.
1)So really I will need to create another Microsoft/x box log in - can I still download msfs onto my x box with my game pass ID?
Then log into play it on my other ID or would
I need to buy the game again using my new
X box ID?

2)Also what happens with paid msfs add ons - if I buy download them on my PC and play msfs on my x box with the same ID will they try and install on x box if their available for console?or would I need to buy them again to get them on xbox?(I am taking both marketplace and other add ons)

your main account will have everything

all your marketplace stuff only will transfer over to your xbox

for the second account, i have a 30 day free game pass you can have while you figure it out

or i have 2 if you need it

so just to be clear (before I make an expensive mistake!)
are you saying I should be able to download the MSFS onto my X box with my original (game pass account) and then switch ID to play it in multipalyer? or do I need to “download” and play it using my 2nd account (getting it via the 30 day pass or simply just buying another copy?) - as mentioned main objective is just to be able to play multiplayer across 2 systems.

this one…
only one account can be used per purchase (multiple platforms but one account ONLY. )
only one account will have access to that accounts programs
only one can be used at a time

get a second account on game pass for free and then try

thanks for the explanation!(will create a 2nd ID then…).

1)presume the best way to so this is to “add new account” when logging onto the x box? (also guessing I will need a 2nd microsoft/hotmail email to associate with the new account or it will not work)
2)will the 30 day free pass be automatically associated with this new ID when I log in or do I need to apply for it?
3)if I understand correctly I will then have 2 sets of games on my x box which I can only log on and use if I am logged on with the associated ID?
4)in theory to see each others planes across the 2 devices we just need to ensure “multiplayer” is enabled then spawn at the same airport then we should see each others plane across the 2 devices?