[BUG LOGGED] Unable to leave group, flight options greyed out - Xbox

Only your cloud save or also teh local save? Did you again start from nothing? I didn’t delete my save yet as I’m afarid to start from tthe beginning.

Deleted local and cloud save and that didn’t fix it.

I don’t think it started from nothing

Ok thanks, then I don’t need to do the same.

I believe there are still some other issues with this bug, as also some options cant be changed at all. I tryed to disable the air traffic in the options and selected “Off” there. Than I save it. After reopening the options I changed to value “Off” is reversed back do “Live Trafic”.

This game is now not anymore correct playable as of this bug!

Maybe yall should pin my post, since I put almost all the different troubleshooting techs I did.

Yeah it’s a game breaking bug, yes you can fly but if you’ve been in a group and this happens then it’s pretty much useless

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:smiley: We have fixed this issue here by the following simple steps:

1 .The friend in which group you were (or eventually anyone else) must just start a new group and invite you.
2. If you are in the new group, select the “Leave Group” command on the Group icon menu.

After I did leave the group, everything seems to work again as it should. So in the future, until this is fixed, the group leader should not leave the group, until all invited members have left it. This way it seems to work fine. We just played together this evening and followed this rule and everything is still fine.

I hope this will work for you guys also. Good luck.


Hi MonkeyCH,

Nice one, I’ll get him to create a party and follow the steps you’ve mentioned.

Im having the same issue. Im living in Japan and I was playing with a friend in Europe. Then, the game now always connect by itself to European servers and I can’t set Time and Weather anymore. To fix that, I Need to recreate a group game with him and left the group… It need to be fix.


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I had a friend re-invite me to a Group as suggested in point 1. I click the accept button but when I do a “you left the group” message appears but I’m in a Group and able to fly with my friend. However, when I click the Leave Group icon it does nothing I assume because it thinks I left the Group when I clicked accept??

I’m trying this on the Xbox Series X version.

This message is “normal”. This “you have left the group” comes here too. How did you accept the Invite? It seems, that the XB Invite doesn’t correct work, but if you accpet it ingame under the notification Icon, it works and after that you must be able to leave the group by clicking the ghroup icon and select than the leave group menu item.

Good to know that the message is normal. I initially accept the invite in game by clicking the Accept button but also accept it via the Xbox notification. I’ll try again later just accepting the in game invite.

Hello everyone, some adjustements have been made server-side. Let us know if you are still experiencing the issue! Thank you for your help.

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This issue is still very much valid.
Cannot change anything, so I wont be pkaying this game until it has been fixed as it makes the game very boring very quickly. So many bugs in this game starting to make me double think whether I shall stick to this game or not.

I have the same bug on XBOX Series X till I joined a group a while a go. I stuck in these settings I can’t change any weather conditions or date/time. Always the settings fall back to this group-flight-timestamp some weeks ago.

This is a gamebreaking bug. Please fix this issue. :disappointed_relieved:

When I did this, it fixed my own problem, … BUT:

The other player in this group have this problem since then. So sadly this gives the problem only to another player. :weary:

Agreed! This did fix the problem! I had one of my US (east) friends invite me to a group and instantly fixed itself when he disbanded.

This doesn’t work i have done that and still can’t leave group any advice??

THIS works!

I am experiencing this issue still

I am still having this issue. been stuck in ‘group mode’ for a week now. don’t have many friends in the sim and nobody is ever online at the same time for me to try joining and leaving a group. please fix this issue.