MSFS Payware Aircraft Database

Preface: What is this? Yet another list of payware addons? Yep. I hadn’t shared this other than with a small group because there are already two or more quality threads about this topic here on the forums. I don’t want to step on the toes of anyone already doing this work, but I’m borderline obsessed with cataloging addons so I wanted to share this resource with the wider community. I check various sources daily and update accordingly. Note that ever since SimMarket introduced their new app, it’s much harder to know when a product has been updated there but I’ll do my best to keep the versions up to date.

MSFS Payware Aircraft Database

What is it? A live online spreadsheet of all known payware aircraft releases, upcoming releases and more! This spreadsheet has multiple sheets at the bottom. Be sure to check them out:

  • Hangar (Released aircraft)

    • Lists all known storefronts and prices (subject to errors occasionally)
    • Contains information about the most recent version (when possible)
  • Factory (Upcoming aircraft)

    • Lists known upcoming addons and their status to the best of my knowledge. This can be fairly tricky as many developers go radio silent for long periods of time while developing. In some cases this status may be inaccurate.
  • Changelog

    • As you can guess, this is the list of changes made to the sheet. If you’re wanting to know what’s new, this is the place to check first!
  • Cal’s Tier List

    • I did this just for fun, and wanted to share it so that you could create your own if you felt so inclined. There’s probably a better way to do this but I didn’t feel like creating a TierMaker list so spreadsheet it is!
  • Submissions

    • There is a link to a submission form at the top of the first two sheets if you want to request something be added!
    • This sheet gets autofilled from the submission form. Anything that gets added here will be reviewed and migrated to either Hangar or Factory.

I typically update this list daily, sometimes more frequently, sometimes less if there’s no new activity.


Thanks for sharing this. It is a useful spreadsheet!

For those who may have missed the two major similar forum threads (and there may be others)

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Seems as though all these lists have been abandoned.

Hey, sorry about that! The Notion link was broken. Here’s the correct one now: MSFS Unofficial Addon Database