MSFS Reinstall and issues

Hi All.
I have recently done a reinstall of the sim and have a couple of issues.
First up the (as in the picture) the sim boots into this screen and I have no idea why.
Secondly (as in short video) the sim goes to the checking downloads page, flashed the downloads update page and then continues to load without giving me the chance to do any updates.
Any advice on how to maybe rectify the situations would be much appreciated.

When that pop-up arises, it is a result of the sim being shut down abnormally - such as a CTD.
Starting the sim in Safe Mode starts it with no addons.

Unless you have experienced a CTD or needed to use Windows Task Manager to shut the sim down, select Normal.

Don’t worry about the fast update screen, once the sim loads to the Welcome screen, go to the Content Manager to install updates.

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Thanks for the reply. Find it very odd that it loads this way every time I load the sim.

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