MSFS says my son is online. He isn't #pc

MS Store version (gamepass). No community addons. Not in or used Dev mode

The game tells me my son is in game. He doesn’t even have it installed. He uses 2 step authentication for everything so he hasn’t been hacked.

Maybe XBox app on the phone?

When I was growing up, I also like to sneak to go online on my MSN messenger to chat with my friends without my dad knowing…


Haha my son is 30 and lives in another country. I don’t think he’s sneaking onto the computer :smiley:


Though you have reminded me of when my younger son (now 15) used to sneak downstairs and hide behind the sofa to watch me play the last of us multiplayer on PS3! Little bugger!


Possibly Xbox gaming services? It may show when Another Xbox game is played or maybe his Xbox app loads as soon as the PC is on.

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How do you know he doesn’t have it installed if he lives in another country?

Ummm he’s my son. We talk :wink:

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You were a naughty boy back in the days :yum:
When I was young, there wasn’t MSN messenger, let alone internet…
That doesn’t mean that I was not weeding around with friends outside the scope of my parents. If they only would have known… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

In that case, did he went offline right after you asked him if he’s online and he said no?

Are you on a wind up? why would he do that?

He’s a grown man with his own PC and hasn’t played MSFS since October 2020. He’s changed his gamepass password anyway so I figure it’s just a weird bug and have reported it as such.

I’m just saying it’s difficult to be considered a bug, since he’s not just “online” but also has a latitude/longitude and coordinate with altitude being shown. Which suggest that he should also have a green aircraft icon flying on your world map.

It just feels a lot more plausible that he was actually online and actually flying and just embarrassed when you asked him about it. Especially since you said that it’s unlikely that he’s hacked because he has a 2-step authentication.

I’m speaking from experience myself as a son who’s also close to my dad. But there are some things that I’m embarrassed to admit to my own dad. For example, when my dad asked me if I have tidied up my room, I answered yes I have, just so I don’t want to get him to get mad or tell me to clean up my room, even though that was a lie. Then he said, all right, I’ll come to check on your room. At that point, panic sets in, and I end up doing speed tidying up by throwing the mess into my wardrobe and closing it. So that when he comes in, it looks like I’ve been doing a lot work tidying up my room.

I’m also a grown up man myself living in a different country now, but even so when I’m still awake at 2 am or something, and my dad sent me a message, I deliberately ignore the message, because if I answer, he would know I’m still online and probably tell me to go to bed anyway. So I ignore it so that I can give him the illusion of already being asleep, and I reply to him in the morning instead.

Being a son, I always want to give my dad a good image of myself. That I’m a well-behaved and self-sustaining grown up man with no flaws. But that’s not the reality, I have my own flaws, and things that I’m too embarrassed to admit to anyone, much less my own father. So I keep those things that might have shifted my image in the eyes of my father to myself, so that I can always appear to be the perfect son he always knew.

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I appreciate your response, but he would have no reason to be embarressed. (EDIT: We are close and if he wants to stay up all night playing games thats his business. In fact I know he does, often. It’s more often Dota though. He works remotely and has been a senior developer for 3 years. I wouldn’t tell him to get himself to bed lol) I loaded up MSFS and saw the online notification. Sent him a whatsapp message saying oh i see you’re ingame, the free garmin update is worth getting.

He was confused as he hasn’t played it for nearly a year and doesnt even have it installed. I have no reason whatsoever to not believe him.

Extra weirdly his Xbox profile says that he was last online a month ago.

The sim would appear to see anyone you have as a Xbox friend regardless of whether they have the sim or not. I would suggest you son is logged on or perhaps not logged out at some point regardless of whether he is online as such. Could be an app on a tablet/phone etc.

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