MSFS scenery vs. my own real-life photos

Well that’s quite impressive. :open_mouth:


That’s very impressive!

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Don’t you just LOVE this flight simulator?!

I just finished a short flight from Cobb County Airport in Georgia (U.S.) to Athens/Ben Epps, about 1/2 hour. It’s very cloudy this morning, so visibility was low just under the clouds. Briefly went up into the soup, but upon descending, found the airport just ahead. Landed and MARVELED at how realistic this flight was. Thank you MSFS team!

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The people look completely unrealistic.



The lighting at times and the water (in many situations) continue to stick out a bit on MSFS

(picking at nits here - but still – we are doing a comparison)

Here’s a few more. :blush:


Ray Traced Global Illumination will solve the lighting issues. That is when DX12 comes.

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When is that?

“Maybe at some point” is, I think, as clear as they’ve been…

Given that people say DX12 would be able to use more cores and therefore solve a lot of the “limited by CPU” frame-rate issues, I hope it’s sooner rather than later, but upgrading your framework is usually a major overhaul, so I’m not holding my breath.