Msfs stuck on checking for updates Sim update 8

MSFS crashed after doing sim Update 8 now stuck on checking for updates Grrr. When are microsoft and Asobo going to come up with decent fixes so we don’t keep having to reinstall every time we get a mandatory update :rage: :rage: :rage:


Yeah, I am stuck at the 2nd loading screen for flight loading. I thought it was my AIG but now I am pretty sure its the update. Was working fine last night.


Same here was flying Kodiak last night with no problems now this after update 8

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Exit the sim and try again later. Maybe the servers are overloaded or something.

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Check also you server region, be sure that is on the standard region.

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Not here. I can honestly say this has been the smoothest updating experience I’ve ever had. Double click icon, followed by installation manager, and done. I’m actually amazed, as I usually have to fiddle around with the update.

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Thanks for replies but all to no avail. Going through reinstall process, i’m glad i have unlimited broadband.

Same here.

First update attempt actually caused a bsod on my pc!

Just gone to try again and it’s just endlessly checking for updates.

Let me know if you find a fix as I now have hundreds of quid in hardware that I can’t use because the sim won’t run.

I had to uninstall and reinstall MSFS to get mine to work even after deleting all Community stuff. Just a bind to do it as takes me 8-12 hours depending how busy network is.

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Yup. Im in the process of doing this now. Taken 3 hours to get almost half way through the initial 117gb download :frowning:

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I found myself going back and forth between MSFS, Microsoft Store, and XBox, multiple times and finally was able to install Sim Update 8. Maybe it was me, but it was awkward.

Unfortunatly now getting BSOD and restarts. Even trying to reinstall grrr.

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