MSFS using an Ultra Book with an Iris XE

Has anyone tried using MSFS with an ultra book with Iris XE for graphics only (no dedicated video card).

I know it’s below min spec, but I want to know if MSFS will even run with sliders full left.

Please let me know if you’ve actually tried it on your laptop.

What speed is the CPU and how much RAM does it have?

16 GB of RAM
i5-1340P (1.9GHz)

It’s a brand new ultra book (Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro).

I don’t think it will run good with 1.9ghz.

I used to run the game on a handheld PC with Intel Iris XE onboard graphics and it ran OK with like 40% render resolution scaling (but native screen was high: 2560x1600) but looked pretty bad. It gave a warning on startup that it’s below spec and may cause problems but it was generally stable.

But that has Intel i7-1195G7 up to 5Ghz boost, quad core. Also 16gb DDR4 ram and NVME M.2 drive.

Try it! I would not hold your breath though :slight_smile:

thanks for this. this means i can run this on my surface laptop 5 =)