MSFS VFR map freezing with little Navmap?

Hi people.Just a quick one.Has anyone lately noticed that the in game VFR map seems to freeze up after loading a flight using a little navmap flight plan.All seems ok if I load up just at a airport or use the in game flight plan.Just wondering.Cheers.MC…

Been using LNM since about Dec '20 and that’s not been the cause of a freeze for me. The .PLN format is pretty reliable.

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i have not, i load plans from LNM daily (literally) and have seen no issue vfr map works ok, tho i rarely use it

i am in game right this moment using the second LNM plan i made for testing just now
one with a start postion and one without, both load up just fine and the vfr map shows the route and works

make sure you export from LNM using the MSFS Plan selection
and make sure you have a Current scenery library in Little NavMap (might need to rescan this after some updates)
finally maybe try another location/airport and/or empty your Community folder - it may be ‘where’ your loading into rather than the plan or even just a random addon issue

EDIT: i did not try any approaches etc, just ‘set as departure/destination’ direct route
maybe, if your using any of those try without?

Like others I’m using the brilliant LNM with no issues and I don’t use the In game VFR map as I use the Web Server option with LNM which allows you to put the moving map on an external source, for me it’s my iPad…. I get a brilliant moving map and also can zoom in at airports and make use of the taxiway info on LNM

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I almost forgot - I had to move this to #third-party-addon-discussion:tools-utilities as Little Nav Map is a non-stock utility.

LOL! Should be a stock utility, been using it since Mar. 21. It’s far superior than the MSFS offering IMHO…

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Well I have done a FULL CLEAN install of MSFS and the latest version of Little Navmap and still have the same problem.The Sim is Very slow to load a flight plan from the Latest L/N/map and still has the in game Vfr map freezing up.If i use the in sim flight planner then it works.I’ve very rarely had any problems with MSFS while I’ve seen many other have problem after problem.I guess the 2 programs don’t want to talk to each other properly.Oh well I guess it’s my turn to have “THAT” problem.LOL.

FWIW, I’m having the same issue recently.

I had to do a full reformat of my drive I use for MSFS.Deleted everything to do with MSFS,the cache ,ETC …Deleted L/Navmap.Re-installed everything 1 thing at a time.Re-installed the previous version of L/Navmap 2.6.18…That was a week ago on the weekend.So far it’s behaving itself .The joys of modern Tech and the games/sims we play with.

what happens to me in LNMP is that when I load an aircraft with the G3X panel such as the Vans RV14 the glass panel freezes the alitmeter and can’t adjust anything and the DG doesnt move anyway to have a work around for LNMP and the G3X panel ??