MSFS Virtual Air Force (Fly Training Exercises & Military Operations)

Hey all,

Some of you old timers that played FSX probably remember the Virtual Military's & Virtual Airlines that were created amongst the community, and because of that the adventure/imagination of Flight Simulators really took off... Myself and a few friends have decided to rejuvenate this aspect of the game and are happy to announce the start of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Virtual Air Force. We are a US Based Virtual Military and English speaking

What kind of dedication will you need? We are looking for people that want to fly, people that aren't going to stop by once a month, but more like people that have a few hours in their week that want to fly, we're not going to be too picky about it, but at least pretend you like us! We are looking for a group of people that have a fascination for military aircraft whether it's cargo, fighters, stealth... you name it! We will also be offering a ranking system, it's still in the works how we will do it, but we're thinking we will base it off leadership & in-game flight hours. 

With the newly released MSFS we need to be patient as mod developers create new aircraft for us to enjoy. Currently, we are looking for people that would like to fly F-15's, C-17's, KC-135's, KC-10's & potentially F-117's. Obviously with the growth of community-built military aircraft, we could then further expand our horizons with what aircraft to fly.

If you are interested in flying simulated military operations and trainings, I think this would be a great place for you to meet like-minded individuals who also love to fly. We would like to keep the group professional but also a fun and welcoming place to come and hangout...

If you are interested in coming in and joining us, we are looking for some people that are willing to take a step up and help create realistic training operations & missions to provide to members. We, in a sense, would like to follow somewhat of a chain of command to make it as realistic as possible, but don't expect to be called sir or ma'am... it's just a video game after all.

Here is our discord. It's still a work-in-progress so if you see something not working or have any questions feel free to reach out to me, BIG_FAT_MIKE. Here's our discord link:

Come in, say hi and maybe we can get a flight going!