MSFS & Virtual Desktop 1.20

Quest 2 user here. So I’ve updated Virtual Desktop, running non-beta Oculus software (tho I’ve tried this on beta also) and my registry is set to oculus for OpenXR. My understanding is that with the new version of virtual desktop the sidequest patch is no longer needed? However, when I try to run MSFS 2020 in virtual desktop I just get the standard double screen…no VR. Is it the cast that Virtual Desktop must be run with SteamVR to avail of OpenXR?

Ok I had been using OculusXR in the registry as well, it causes all our problems. Get rid of it!

Today I changed to SteamXR. Wanted to try wireless again. I have now had the smoothest clearest VR experience since getting the Quest 2. No stutters, no flashes and great scenery. Even though I have the MS store Version of MSFS SteamXr is running the sim better-wirelessly and to my surprise late today, even with the link cable (as long as I use Virtual Desktop “as if I was going to wirelessly play”)
I have even been able to add MS store version to my Steam Library, which almost seamlessly loads MSFS 2020 better than before. Tomorrow will make a post of the steps I did so it may help others.
I have been blown away at how good it now runs and looks on my low specs on a gaming Laptop!
I am not sure if the recent Virtual desktop update has helped this impact or just not using Occulus XR. I dont even need to tweak or use Oculus tray tool/debug tool.
Too answer your question Yes,Virtual desktop runs better with Steam XR and you will get into VR but you must go through using steam VR. *And have desktop streamer app running

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Very interested in hearing your process. Think it can be used with the rift s as well?

The Quest2 is running wirelessly with Virtual Desktop and therefore does not use the Oculus software in that mode.

Not sure, you can see my steps and process in a new topic, I think I have read somewhere that Rift s will do similar.

Thanks guys. If there is a rift s version of the process, I sure can’t find it :frowning:

Looks like Virtual Desktop will work with Rift S. But maybe you can just be tethered and use a 5 Ghz router picked up by your PC?
Virtual Desktop on Oculus Rift | Oculus

Maybe reading these forum replies may help in some way-good luck.

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Thanks! I got it to work. I followed the general directions of your “how to” post and was able to go VR with the Steam version of OpenXR. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any performance gains in terms of smoothness. Maybe I missed a step. I wasn’t sure what you meant by the Streamer App, but I didn’t seem to need it. Maybe I enabled it without realizing.

Just to clear up any confusion: the performance improvements people are referring to using Virtual Desktop apply ONLY to the Oculus Quest/Quest2 headsets. They have a special Quest-only version of the Virtual Desktop app which is different in functionality than the PC-VR version of the app. Running the PC-VR version of Virtual Desktop will not have any benefit or purpose for any other headsets with MSFS.


hi can you please help me virtual streamer stops my oculus headset connecting to msfs how do i get rid of oculus XR and change to steam XR

Virtual streamer shouldn’t stop you using MSFS (especially when tethered).
Install Steam -Go into SteamVR settings, go to developer tab, on the bottom where it says Current OpenXR Runtime: , click the button underneath to change it to SteamVR Runtime.

Would you provide us a link to that “new topic” please?

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thank you for that i will try

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