MSFS Virtual Military

Hey thanks for showing interest in MSFS Virtual Military!

Our mission
To provide a fun place for enthusiasts to fly military operations and meet new people. For people to learn. For a little bit of extra excitement in the game and have a purpose to fly. We have Flight Operations posted on a daily basis ranging from Coastal patrols, reconnaissance/photo operations, cargo operations, VIP transport & more. We will not be calling each other by rank, such as “Lt or General.” We plan on implementing a ranking structure in the very near future. However we feel that everyone is equal, and as stated before. We’re here to have fun.


  • Be at the least 16 years of age at the time this application is submitted. Maturity is required. If we feel do not have the maturity to be a good human being. You’ll be removed from the group.
  • Have some knowledge of aircraft & procedures. We’re not here to buzz cities going Mach 2.
  • Possess some sort of throttle & yoke system.
  • Must have a microphone and be able to speak and write English at a high level. This is a United States based group. But anyone in the world is welcome to join.
    *PC PLAYERS ONLY – Sorry! We can’t implement Xbox players at this time.

Our Aircraft
MSFS Virtual Military will use Navy, Air Force & Marine aircraft. We use payware & freeware aircraft such as DC Designs F-15 & F-14. Destroyers C-17 & some smaller aircraft. This list will grow as more freeware & payware aircraft are released.

Currently we have two active staff members. We would love for a few more mature individuals who would like to dedicate some time per week to help out with applications, mission creation & development of this group. Sorry… we can’t pay ya :wink:

Please come check us out on our discord:

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Interesting, just got Destroyers C-17 working in MSFS. Routinely fly FSX Virtavia’s C-17 around world. Have DC Designs F-14 and just made a paper "Cold and Dark Checklist for it. Now working on the Autopilot system so I know how that works. I don’t do discord, is their another way to contact you. I might have small amount of time. WX going to suck here for next 4 days, cannot do nothing else. Was in USN for 10 years mostly air arm of service. Contact me via a “message to this post”.

As much as we want to be able to fly with anyone. Discord will be our only way of communication. The organization aspect, easy communication & information we provide is all on there. Before Discord, people used Teamspeak to do the same thing. It is what works and what we will be using.

Come check us out! Look for discord link above.

Hi there, I am thinking about joining, will you be conducting “training” missions, for such items as Formation flights, Carrier ops, etc?

<— Retired RCN

The discord link is expired? Could you post a new one?

Such a shame there no room for xbox pilots :confused:

PinchTadpole307, I’ll check my discord later today and see if they are still active, if so I will try to send you an invite.

Also, I will be having some more spare time on my hands, so would like to get into this a little more, if they are still around.