MSFS / VoiceMeeter / Corsair HS 80 Headset

Hey guys,

I recently had a strange audio bug that I can’t fix.

Here is the setup where the error occurs:

  • VoiceMeeter (Banana and Standard, makes no difference)

  • Corsair HS 80 Wireless Headset (WDM with hardware-out)

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

With this setup I have audio dropouts every second.

The error only occurs with MSFS 2020 and only since a Corsair iCUE update (4.18.209)

Switching the headset to MME corrects the error, but then I have a noticeable delay to other output devices, which is not acceptable.

  • Microsoft Store version?`
  • No Developer Mode, no changes in it

first try using a different audio device in MSFS before changing back but if it doesn’t help a new install of the core sim files might (about 15 minutes @ 50Mbps). Don’t let it delete your package files or it will take a lot, lot longer.

Okay, where do i find the sound-outputs in msfs?

Sorry I meant devices … oops. will edit. Should be in the Sound menu, I shall check.

Edit: it’s gone!!! I’m certain I had the choice when I first installed (I originally had it though my bluetooth speakers) … This must be a new Xbox limitation.

Next tip temporarily disable whatever you’re using in Windows device manager to force MSFS to look for a new device and once it has it do the reverse afterwards. If MSFS doesn’t play ball then a reinstall is your best chance.

Have you tried tried bumping up the WDM Buffer ?
I bumped it from default 512 to 1024 and will now experiment with lower buffers.

Hope it works for you

Thanks for your help guys. Luckily, the problem is resolved.
I can’t tell exactly what fixed it, but it seems to have something to do with the sourround settings for the headset. Therefor with windows. I also switched in Voicemeeter from VAIO to AUX. Don’t know what the difference is, but tried a bit around.
It could also be a problem with the corsair drivers or iCue. I took care that surround is properly displayed as active in iCue. Tested it with turning the HS on/off.

Maybe this helps someone who has similar issues.

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