MSFS will not load gaming services

My install has worked ok up till to day I clicked the short cut on my desktop and it took me to the Microsoft Store there was a Gaming Services update so I clicked update and it would not install I kepted getting a ERROR the code was 0X8007139F this keeps happening im in a loop and can not start MSFS.
Any one Help me?

Hi there!
Please use the Bugs & Issues category here: #bugs-and-issues

After going to that section, click on the search icon and the search will be restricted to that section.

Do a search for “gaming services”.

Gaming Services Search:
Search results for ‘gaming services category:200’ - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

There is also a topic where MSFS launches the MS Store for Gaming Services install:

The error code of “0X8007139F” has not been reported on this forum. If none of the above “gaming services” topics work for you, then create a new one in #bugs-and-issues:performance with that error code.

The error code: 0X8007139F is related to Windows 10 Update failure of apps.