MSFS will not reinstall on Windows 11

Very Frustrated. I tried everything I could find in this forum and others. MSFS 2020 had a CTD and would no longer start. I uninstalled and reinstalled but it will not load past the black loading screen. The app just closes.

Event Viewer shows:

The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID
to the user DESKTOP-J0P5FOL\Kevin SID (S-1-5-21-2849855040-1274738534-984084924-1001) from address LocalHost (Using LRPC) running in the application container Microsoft.GamingApp_2109.1001.8.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe SID (S-1-15-2-1723189366-2159580849-2248400763-1481059666-1951766778-2756563051-3565589001). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool.

Any help would be appreciated!

That’s weird… I’m on Windows 11 and I can install successfully every time through Steam. But Windows store might behave differently.

I may be wrong, but judging from the error message, it feels like there’s a permission issue, either activating the app due to the firewall blocking it, or something that it can’t write into the PC storage because of permission issue.

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suggest temporarily turning your security settings in bios off, if you have keys assigned take a photo first

Given that this is a Microsoft game on a Microsoft OS, rather than messing around with your security settings I’d open a ticket with Microsoft through Zendesk.

I dunno if this helps or not, though. But when I install MSFS to my Windows 11. I actually do a clean reinstall of Windows 11 to my PC. (not the “Update” with the Insider build, but with a clean bootable USB of Windows 11 installation)

I keep everything as default, and I just install MSFS directly through Steam afterwards.

What would you expect Zendesk to do about a not yet supported OS with next to nothing to go on?

As long as the OP takes care to log his changes he can easily revert back once MSFS is installed. At least then if there’s a problem he’ll get an MSFS error report that Zendesk can possibly use.

I only did the update, it and MSFS work fine

Yep, me too, update on windows and msfs on microsoft store. No probs.

Yeah, my MSFS was fine too when the bootable version wasn’t available yet and I had to go through the Update path. But as soon as they have the bootable ISO downloadable, I went and reinstall it cleanly to get rid of legacy Windows files that might potentially cause some issues. I like clean OS myself, anyway since I reinstall Windows fairly regularly at least twice a year, but actually more often than that.

General release for Windows 11 is only two weeks away. It is not an experimental OS still in alpha-testing. I would be very surprised if Microsoft hadn’t already done some testing with their flagship PC game on their upcoming flagship OS.

Stumbling around and changing security settings without knowing what they do is not a good strategy and could make things worse. If OP is not extremely tech savvy, they would be much better off going through Zendesk.

Upgraded to W11, new MS Store APP was installed. Then you need new x-box app for MSFS, and then open the Xbox app, and see if a button “update” is on the base game version. That was how I found and got the patch to install. Game runs fine on W11. Miss some of the convienances of W10, but, if take mouse to lower right corner of desktop, there is the “show the desktop” like it used to be by clicking taskbar. Now finding task manager is still in the works.

The sim runs fine under windows 11 and in Neo’s case installs fine too so why blame Microsoft?

I didn’t blame anyone, I just said to reach out to Microsoft for support since all products involved are theirs. This is a much safer solution than changing security settings when you don’t know what they do.

All Neo’s case tells us is that FS2020 does in fact work with Windows 11, which is very useful to know and points even more to needing to open a ticket with Microsoft.

I think I will stay with X-Plane and my Toliss A319 Adventures for a while. I am not going to resort to a Windows reinstall and spend days getting it back to where it was only to have MSFS crash again and be right back to square one. I had high hopes for this sim but I would rather fly on Vatsim not wondering when the next crash will come. Maybe I will come back down the road… Maybe not, as there is a new version of X-Plane already in the works.

Thanks guys!

over and out…

Im having this same issue now. No remedies and cant even get windows support to help

I can’t see inside your PC … but three important factors are:-

  • For Windows 11 TPM 2.0 must be enabled in bios (and it may take a 2nd visit to select version)
  • A Windows 11 harddrive must be GPT partitioned (google convert gpt)
  • For MSFS all drives must be formatted to use the NTFS file system.
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How do you partition the Hard Drive?

Cleaning the drive in diskpart, converting to gpt and then letting windows do it is the easiest (click on new when setting up) … but there are also programs out there that can do the job without losing data. Check out Youtube vids explaining how.

HNY!! btw