MSFS won’t start!

Is there a problem today? Upon starting it gets through Xbox, Asobo and Black shark screens then it get me to the opening mountain screen and music, but that’s it. Tried restarting a few more times and same thing, it’s stuck on the picture and music. Any ideas? I haven’t played it in a week and haven’t done the latest updat yet or the USA scenery. I’m stumped.

Ok, restarted my computer and opened MSFS. Now it’s asking me to update through the store. Weird but ok. Now it’s doing a 9gb update. Yikes this could take a while. I really just wanted to play. Maybe after turkey dinner haha.

This is the normal process. Download the updated binaries from the MS Store, then those new binaries download the updated components of the sim, such as updated planes, and scenery files.

Thanks. Now that I know this is the normal process I won’t have to post next time it happens.

I did the MS Store update, then the FS opened the initial screen with monument valley picture and then it says "Access to the content servers is currently unavailable etc etc.
My internet connection is rock solid so not a problem on my side.
Again, a BIG annoyance every time a new update is released.

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Remember that there are a lot of people trying to access those files at roughly the same time, and this can lead to contention.

Yup and you’d think these days that ISPs would have enough server capacity built in to avoid throttling connexions wouldn’t you!

I had no problem with the update, was actually pretty fast. However after the update I have no access to the market place (it’s greyed out) and the content manager gives me a spinning circle and then shows nothing in it. Hmmm. Going to be patient here.

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