MSFS2020 Freezing, CTD On External View Changes

My rig is an I7-9700, WIndows 10, RTX 2070 Super, 32GB RAM. I hadn’t fired up the game for a while. It’s version is current and my Nvidia driver is up to date. Now at some point, with or without the Community folder empty, and with various graphics settings, the game will invariably freeze when changing the external view to either side and it will do a CTD even in safe mode. I’ve tried everything that I can think of but nothing works. Any suggestions short of an uninstall and reinstall?

The outdoor view puts more load on the GPU, which makes it warmer. My guess is temperature problems.

I doubt that heat is the problem. I’ve never had this problem before and have had the same hardware all along.

did you tried already disabling HAGS , just in case you had it enabled ?

No and I’ve never disabled HAGS and would rather not. This problem, whatever it is is new. I just started the sim up in Safe Mode and started a flight towards Manhattan and as soon as I switched to external view and changed to side view it froze in a blur and did a CTD. Heat was never an issue either. I have a Seasonic power supply that I normally run in Hybrid mode but switch it to full normal mode when I run MSFS. I may have to uninstall and reinstall the app as a last resort or just uninstall and have done with it.

as mentioned, a quick test with disabled HAGS might be faster and with a little bit luck it was then the reason :wink: I dont found the post, but I can remeber at one…

The other idea is the pre-cache setting or something other was changed, e.g. the nvidia driver. ( and hopefully you not had tools like google-maps-replacement installed, which change the windows hosts file and download some content from somewhere :wink: )

Looks like you were right about HAGS. It’s a very controversial add-on by Microsoft and many Windows and Gamer sites recommend turning it off. I zapped it, loaded a bunch of my add-ons back into the Community Folder and flew my typical GPU/CPU stress test over Manhattan, Brooklyn and landed at JFK with air traffic turned on (just missed a 747 heading off the runway :grin:). Using a mix of High and Ultra settings, aside from some graphics wobbles here and there, and switching between the cockpit and external views, there were no problems. It seems that HAGS may be more of a problem than it’s worth. Why it acted up now instead of in the past is a mystery but so be it. Thanks again.

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my words :rofl:

Some times it works as expected, then as unknown reason it cause strange trouble ( in my case e.g. also random BSODs of windows, not in a game ). I hope the implementation in / for win11 ( or the drivers for that ) is much better, because in win11 is HAGS default on, in contrast to win10 where it is default off.

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