MSFS2020 is another FSX

Okay let just accept the fact that this is just another FSX. We can obviously see that they only focused on terrain.


Tough facts. I am overwhelmed. :laughing:


Yeah. They focused too much on looks and too little on physics during the development. Hard to deny.


Is it possible to use non-existing threads for this? Or are you something special and have bought shares?

I never used it, but didn’t FSX have a very long shelf life and an extremely large third-party ecosystem?

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Albert Einstein would say:

One ought to be ashamed to make use of the wonders of science embodied in FS2020, the while appreciating them as little as a cow appreciates the botanic marvels in the plants she munches.

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Sometime I just wonder, how can a person be so negative and narrowly focused. Must be a pleasant person to work with.

By the same logic, I guess someone can only complain and whine.

I’m not complaining. I’m just stating a fact. :v:

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This is so absurd and out of touch with reality that my only option is to give you a thumbs up and agree with you, poor thing.


This thread went downhill quickly and was not correctly tagged by the poster. I have removed the superfluous tags and the thread is locked.

If the OP wants to try again, they are welcome to do so. I would suggest a more in-depth opening post, as it is more likely to lead to a meaningful discussion.