MSFS2020 Rebooting my PC

I did installed MSFS2020 and all seem OK I flew a few times without any issues, suddenly one day while flying my PC reboot without any warning and restarted without any errors or messages. This happened again a few other times within 5-15 minutes of flying, never on the main menu of MSFS202 or outside MSFS2020.

Then I bought a new SSD NVMe so I uninstall and did a new clean installation of MSFS2020 all seem OK again, last night while flying maybe 15 minutes into the flight I got a red message in the simulator that said something about loosing connection to the server or similar and to check internet (which I had OK) then an alarm on the PC went ON I checked temperatures on the CPU Package reaching 94 deg C.

Today I ran the Intel Strees Test and passed OK as well as the Prime95 StressTest and as well seem OK reaching 100 deg C. I already a few days ago replace the thermal paste between the CPU/Fan.

This is my PC setup:
Intel Core i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20 GHz
48 GB DDR4 2400 MHz (16/8/16/8)
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super 8GB
Windows 10 Home 64 bit OS

And I used MSFS in High-End definition without any other modification, also my MSFS2020 is up to date as well as my Windows and NVIDIA drivers.

Has anyone experience or heard something similar ?

Your PC is rebooting while MSFS is running, doesn’t mean MSFS is rebooting your pc.

But, a computer I built recently rebooted and CTD several times in GPU-intensive games. Replaced the GPU and voila, problem solved.

Have any other graphics-intensive games to test on your system?

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Thanks for your feedback.
Don’t have any other game to test, but perhaps I can look and download one to test.

Good luck! Gotta be frustrating.

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are you monitoring your temps in any fashion?

is the system just rebooting or is it fully and suddenly shutting down?

this makes a difference, because if its rebooting, then you are getting BSOD crashes and you have a advanced system option enabled that automatically restarts your PC when a BSOD occurs.

If its just plain out shutting down, as in, turning completely off, this is a thermal shut down trigger to prevent the PC from physically damaging components from extremely high temps.

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Thanks @anon33898240

I’m monitoring the computer temperature via HWMonitor from CPUID.

My PC is rebooting, no prior alerts just flying then black screen, next screen BIOS and then back to Windows main desktop without any warnings, errors or messages.

Just within Windows, any other program or even the MSFS2020 in the main screen menu it is all OK, it does not reboot. For a few flights it was all OK I could fly any time. Then started within 5 to 15 minutes of flying than the rebooting begun and as I mentioned (maybe not related) yesterday I got a server communication error all the flying continue.

I’d set the ram timings back to default along with any thing overclocked and try a flight.

If this doesn’t work I’d look at replacing the psu.

if its just rebooting, then sounds like you are getting BSOD’s.

Grab this and see if you have crash dumps available

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Thanks @anon33898240 I will give it a try.

I tried yesterday after the new patch but the same a few minutes into flying complete reboot without warning then back to Windows as if nothing happened. No BSOD’s usually when this MSFS2020 rebooting happens.

But I had a few none related to the MSFS2020 rebooting BSOD’s in the past, usually if I recall when restarting or starting from power off my computer.

I’ll check and keep you posted, thanks.

depending on your RAM and PF size and also your storage type ( HDD SSD NVMe ) BSOD’s are usually happening soo fast you dont even see the error screen. it just flashes and reboots

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Hmmm interesting.

I see a common BSOD ntoskrnl.exe and last one last night 9/19 @ 9:36:28 PM but on this one I was checking and updating the BIOS and when restart the PC and loading Windows I saw this one, so was not necessarily related to MSFS2020, but I see it on another occasions.

Your power supply is failing.

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Thanks @TrentKama that’s an option and possibility…

I had a similar issue, PC would reboot back to BIOS only when playing games. Couldn’t replicate it with stress tests. I had a good 1050W Corsair 80+ Gold Power Supply(6 years old at the time), and replacing it stopped the crashes.

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that is a possibility, to confirm, grab this program

and put a full load on your system, typically if a PSU is failing to deliver proper power it will reboot under load, however, dont do this more than maybe 1 or 2 times, undervolting and under amping a PC can damage components.

those BSOD’s, do they coincide with times that FS 2020 was running, or other instances? does your event viewer have any errors during those time frames of FS 2020 running, and if yes, what are the errors listed?

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OK thanks @anon33898240 I will give it a try.

In the meantime a new 850W PS is ready to be install, just in case.

Mine is doing the same thing since update 5, not even running any over clocks.

Same here after SU5. Never before. Happens 3 times by now.

I think it happens when both cpu and gpu shows this strange baseless spikes and the PSU is not fast enough to follow and go safe mode.

I have a good evga 850w PSU by the way drawing about 450-500watts running msfs. Happens with no other game!

I get a problem like yours all the time. Already checked the power supply, replaced all thermal interfaces, tested repeatedly in OCCP. No overclocking. The only thing we have in common with the author is the processor. But, I have the 8700K version. If replacing the power supply helps you, please post here. The problem is only with the MSFS. No other games or 3D applications cause it to reboot.
I tested the power consumption of the system and at the peak OCCP showed 300W. When the power supply is 850W this should not be a problem. Desperate.

I had a problem once where I had recently flown past Heathrow after the UK update, and suddenly my system started to have MAJOR stutters, like on the order of minutes between frames, then stopped, and I had to shut the system down. When I tried to reboot, my system wouldn’t and I had to do a windows restore from a USB drive (which I fortunately had handy by luck).

I think my problem was due to an overheated SSD drive. Might want to check that, too.

That was my only flight in the UK, and I stopped flying there after that. Haven’t had an issue since :wink: