MSI GeForce® RTX 3070, 8GB, Ventus 3X OC

I have at the moment a gigabyte geforce 1080TI with 11 gb memory.
I consider to buy the rtx 3070.
my questions are is there someone who knows that I will have some more fps because I lose 3 gb mem
of the card but certainly the 3070 will have more techn features over the 1080TI.
but I dont understand the technic so I hope someone can give me some update.
I have a 9900k processor and a Z390 mobo.
I fly most with the a320neo fbw. settings are high instead of ultra because I can over crowded area 20-30 fps.

possible mention your screen resolution…

I would assume: with 1080p you can safe money and stay currently at your 1080TI :slight_smile:

PS: a forum search with 3070 1080TI might give you interessting results

I have a monitor with 2560x1440 pixels does it change your view?

hmmm… this becomes then bit more interessting :slight_smile:

Currently lots of users report that the benefit to a 30xx card is not realy given. But of course devs work on optimizations. On other side… the prices are currently bit “out of control”… So… possible… if you can wait a bit, you made nothing wrong to wait to buy new 3070 :slight_smile: