MU-2 Several Bugs

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no, since it is related only to this addon

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MU-2

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  1. The right hand landing and taxi light switches on automatically when on ground and switch in off position. accounts for the nose and tip tank light.
    Tip Tank lights not working in flight
  1. Several Sound Set issues.
    2.1 Landing Gear Sound when retracting and extending, is very load and seems very unrealistic
    2.2 Flap Movement sound of the motor on the outside is louder than the engines in external view
    2.3 no reverse sounds
    2.4 interior sounds just not a nice Turboprop atmosphere. Electric sounds on pilot side can be loud at times
    2.5 taxi and rolling sounds way to loud

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load the aircraft and see yourself

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latest SU13


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