Mugz TBM mod does NOT have the ITT/overheating/powerloss issue introduced by yesterdays "fix". YAY!

I made a donation this morning to 'ol Mugzy. The plane already flies as expected and has for a while now. Plus the doors open and close. That little cake icing plus the fact that his is flight modeled correctly is directly tied to his work ethic.

Yesterday’s big giant fix for TBMers was a disaster. I think they fixed three things and introduced two major bugs (brake chime and ITT issue)

When the developers can’t but the modders can, let’s support them.

Mugz mod has literally changed my whole outlook today after seeing what Asobo did to the TBM yesterday.

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As you I have no issue with ITT, however i have a small issue with the generator that in the first 3 attempts did not supply voltage…perhaps i did switch it on in the wrong order. Managed in the end.
But the parking brake chime persists…slightly annoying.

Othervise just had a superb flight from Copenhagen to Gothenburg in live weather and following the present thunderstorm on my weather app on my phone was exactly the same pattern as in the g3000.

Have not flown for 5-6 months for other reasons and the ATC is so much better than half a year ago.

No discernable performance degradation for me.

Happy …apart from the chiming.

PS a big THANKS to Mugzy for his plane, and the WT guys.

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