Multi Crew Experience for MSFS

Difficult to know where to post a positive comment amongst all the moans?

However here is a team of Devs that have provided a voice control program for MSFS.

Multi Crew Experience!

Here’s a video of it working with Neo mod 4!

It has ATC, Pushback and much more.

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It’s a good product and been about for sometime, highly customisable, I use it and credit to the developers for releasing msfs20 version to existing users free of charge.

They’re always helpful if you run into issues also.

You can download off the site additional voices too

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This is an excellent product. I hope it plays well with this sim now, but I’m sure that in a few months it will become a stock addon.

Yes they have a range of voices. You can also use any TTS voice, like those that come with windows. Or you can use Cereproc voices, I have a couple of those, so you can mix them up.
But definitely, the fact you can script your own flows and checklists is a powerful feature.