Multi Monitor + Pop out panels / ATC cant click on secondary screen

Hello there, is this just me or someone else is having similar problem.

When I pop out window that can be interacted with (such as ATC or touch panel in TBM), and make it a separate window I am able to click and interact with it as soon as its on the same monitor as MSFS. However when I move it to a secondary screen the window no longer interacts and i am unable to click anywhere.

Video for demonstration: MSFS2020 - Can not click on second screen - YouTube

Does anyone know if there is a solution to this? I was hoping to run ATC on my touchscreen tabled (used as external monitor) so that I don’t need to use mouse / keyboard at all.

Did you try and make your secondary screen your default monitor?

Doesn’t do any difference. No matter which one is primary or where i try running the game, as soon as the ATC window is not on the same monitor, i am unable to click it. You can see it in the video, where if part of the screen is sticking out to the second monitor, i can click the half on the monitor where MSFS is running but I cant click the half that is on the other monitor.

I played with it a little and this is the findings

I have two monitors

  1. 3440x1440
  2. 2560x1440

If the wide screen (1) is selected as primary and the game is running on it, I am unable to click pop up windows anywhere else except when the window is located on monitor 1/

If the screen 2 is selected as primary and the game is running on it, i am ABLE to click the ATC buttons on other screens.

So it seems to be only happening when the game is running on a larger screen. Anyone may have any ideas to why?

What are your graphic settings in MSFS?

Which one exactly?

Hi how are things.
Do you happen to have this …?
Doing this could cause a problem with the second monitor.

I generally find it easier to use the keyboard anyway. Just use the top-row number keys (not the num-pad) that correspond with the desired ATC entry.

I dont have any perofrmance issues.

I guess I will have to do the same thing.

Your observations are accurate.

In order for you to be able to click / tap stuff in a secondary monitor:

  • The main window the sim is running on must be 16:9 aspect ratio
  • the secondary monitor(s) need to be the same vertical resolution as the primary

If you have any mix and match resolutions (1080p, 1440p and 4k), you’re boned for that functionality.

Seeing how nothing but 16:9 is supported for XBOX, I don’t see a resolution to this any time soon.

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Sorry I just got back from dinner…That’s why I was asking about his/her graphics settings…

It’s got nothing to do with graphics settings. It’s about vertical resolution and aspect ratio.

Ok sorry when you said resolution I was thinking graphics sorry…

This is just friking nuts :smiley: … it makes me laugh that devs cant figure this … out :smiley: …

Never ever have I seen a piece of software (talking as a SW engineer ) not work because another part of application is running in different aspect ratio.

MSFS is currently a real love hate relationship. I am trying to love it so much but just core parts as multimonitor setup (which is a basic thing with Simulators) is just really broken.

Both are related, but graphics settings (as in detail, effects, etc) are irrelevant as far as this problem is concerned. Aspect ratio is the key issue, followed by the vertical resolution.

Chances are, they’re all running 4K monitors, as well as their testers. They’re running what pushes the software hardest as they know they need to get MSFS running as close to 60 fps at 4K as possible on XBOX. I would be shocked to see anyone at Asobo or in the Asobo and MS testing pools with anything other than 4K monitors running a standard 16:9 aspect ratio.

So really, IF that’s the case (I’m certainly speculating here), I wouldn’t be surprised they’re not seeing issues at all. But honestly, it’s the only way you could NOT see the issue.

And if you report this via Zendesk, you’ll bet back a canned email stating that multiple monitors aren’t supported yet, and it will be marked “solved” and lumped into the pile of requests for multiple monitor support.

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I understand they want to support Xbox, but unfortunately I believe Xbox will be demise of this game because of all the sacrifices / bugs they introduce just because of it.

I guess back to X-Plane for people who want to sim

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