Multi Pannel is not working

Hey !
I recently downloaded the MSFS 2020 Logitech plugin for my multi pannel and It’s not working…
The pannel can switch to ALT/VS/IAS etc… using rotary switch but the data provided on the screen is not the good value and it can’t be updated on the game using the right rotary switch. AutoThrottle isn’t working as also the Flaps and Trim don’t.
Could you help me ?

Have you had any luck? I just received my multi panel. Downloaded the driver from the logitech link for it. Some things work and some don’t.To include the flaps. My yoke works just fine.

I gave up trying to get the drivers to work. Now use
Lorby’s addon which works perfectly, well worth the small cost.

Oh ok. I’ll have to look into that. i did see in one post that logitech has some app you can run that encompasses all of the flight controllers but i don’t see it. I only see the individual drivers. Thanks for your input i really do appreciate it!

For anyone that was following this thread. i decided to get one of those universal DC adapters from best buy to power the yoke and plug in my throttles, switch, multi, and radio panel into the yoke’s USB hub. I had already previously installed the 8.0.313 drivers and logitech g hub (they are not detected in g hub). MFS2020 does not pick up the panels but it picks up the yoke. My computer now picks up all of the panels and the yoke. Then i did the power management on all of the logitech controllers and set them to off. Once in MFS2020 you can still assign each controllers input, not by the detect method, but you have to know what each button is named on the controller and it works! I’m not sure what worked that’s why i decided to put everything i did for anyone, like me, that doesn’t want to return their controllers and is terrible with computers and third party apps. Also, all of my USB ports are 3.0’s on my computer which was why i decided to plug them into the Yokes hub because i read they were having troubles with the USB’s not being 2.0’s. Hope this helps. Fly safe!

Everybody, who have problems with perepheral hardware I have real good solution! Just buy program with special drivers SpadNext, Which I have and download inside program special settings, called "snipets " for you choosed devices.That’s It! Everything can be tuned and switched on in this program and this program is working fine with FSX and MFS2020 and other games too! GoodLuck!

P.S. I use Saitek pro flight yoke with throttle, Saitek “Cessna” pedals, radio panel, pro flight switch panel, autopilot multi panel and Bip Panel

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