Multi-view within a single full-screen window

… A step towards arbitrarily wide field of view for those of us with multiprojector surround setups

I’d like to see the current experimental multi-window capability available, as an option, within a single fullscreen window, such that the single window would display a continuous view, split into slices, each rendered from a separate view frustum. Each frustum would be aligned to its neighbor. The desired configuration options would be:

  • Number of slices to generate
  • Total horizontal field of view OR field of view per slice
  • Optional: Vertical field of view, settable independent of horizontal field of view
  • Optional: Image warp from planar to cylindrical
  • Optional: Bezel correction allowance between each slice

With the requested views available within a single window, those of us who prefer to use NVidia surround, there would be no need to drag windows to each monitor each time. For those of us running multiple projectors, the option to pre-warp to cylindrical would be a huge step in the right direction to enable a properly aligned and blended display.