Multiplayer aircraft model

I’ve made my own aircraft (based on the DA62 sample) but i can’t get it working in multiplayer.

We’re running exactly the same build package of the plane. We can both see each others nametag, with the proper aircraft type, but the plane itself is invisible. Changing to a different plane using the Dev-mode aircraft selector does make the different plane show up.

Is there a setting I’ve missed which allows the model to be synched? For now i have a combined interior and exterior model, but i don’t expect that to be the issue?

Have you checked both traffic settings to NOT use generic model for multiplayer, both on your side and on your friend’s side? And both of you have the exact same aircraft mod that you made?

That option is set correctly for the both of us. And we could see it working by changing to a different plane (F-15), which did synch

According to Asobo’s latest SDK (March 2023), this is how it is designed to work.

Note For Multiplayer Aircraft

For an aircraft to be visible in a multiplayer situation, the user viewing the aircraft must have the package installed, otherwise a substitute aircraft will be shown. Even with the correct base package installed, if they don’t have the same livery title available then they may see an aircraft of the same characteristics based on the ICAO designator for the aircraft, as given by the icao_type_designator parameter. The following flowchart illustrates how this works: