Multiplayer: display other players actual aircraft 3D models and liveries around you

Yes please

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Your idea is good but I am not sure if it is feasible. Streaming textures that are anything between 10mb - 200mb per aircraft at a busy airport will be almost impossible. Note that right now many people get slow streaming (popping up scenery) even though they have very fast internet connections. The problem is the server that cannot handle it. If one aircraft skin can take as many MB as entire photogrammetry around you, then imagine what would happen at a busy airport.

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I agree, this is why I’m suggesting this feature must be both mandatory whenever 3rd party is releasing an aircraft, in order for all others to see it correctly, but also because it is mandatory it can be limited to certain 3D model complexity (number of vertices) and certain maximum texture size (for the reasons you’re giving).

Again, this is not about streaming the other aircraft in its entirety, of course this doesn’t make any sense. The proposal is about streaming an impostor of the 3rd party aircraft within certain size boundaries.


Ok, you are talking about 3rd party aircrafts only. In that case, it could be done with more work from them.

In case of community-made liveries, this would not be feasible. I personally do not even look at low-res liveries because I can see pixelated lines breaking even in 1080p, not even mention 1440p. So I usually get 4k or 8k liveries only (anything between 45mb and 250mb). So there is really no good solution available for community-made liveries.

I think that instead of streaming lower poly models and textures, they would have to be added to the main release and loaded from the sim, just like AI aircrafts are right now. Not sure if streaming is an option even if they are relatively low-res.

I think at the very least every aircraft available for purchase in the marketplace should be required to provide a model which is given to everyone in the next update of the sim. That way everyone will see the actual aircraft in multiplayer even if they don’t own it. Could be used as static parked aircraft too.

On liveries, I personally really don’t care much for them, but there still should be more. There are tons of great community liveries popping up, perhaps they could find a way to take the most popular ones and provide them for everyone in sim updates.


I’ve always wanted to see model matching implemented in a sim, but I’m not sure how complex it really is. Basically, the sim would send out your player model to the servers so it can be used by other players to prevent swapping out the model for another aircraft. This came up when I was doing some bush flying with the BT Kitfox and I was subbed out as the default CJ4. I think this would be a really cool way to improve the multiplayer experience as more and more addons are developed.

To day, during a multiplayer flight, we used 3rd party aircraft (DR400-140b) with specific liveries (my airclub liveries) and it was ok to see the correct aircraft and livery on each computer.
Just we’ll like to see the call sign on the sides of the other plane.

Wouldn’t this working because both of you had the same aircraft installed?

Now could you try flying a store purchased aircraft on 1 computer, and see whether it shows up on the other one?

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Yes, we have the same aircraft and livery installed on the both computer.
If not, it does not work, we try it before and had this pic

This is why I’ve created this topic to get started with!

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Another way to support custom livery sharing in real time and keep livery sizes small would be to provide an in-game livery editor that lets artists build images using a collection of abstract shaped decals. This is how multiplayer car racing games download custom liveries efficiently.


This is cumbersome to use though and in the end might not be this much efficient bandwidth wise.

I’m bumping this discussion before it closes automatically but I shall add there are other possible options that could be implemented for the “storage” of the MP models and textures:

  • FS2020 could stream up the models and textures to Azure servers, where they will be poly-reduced and texture-baked
  • The Azure server would stream down the simplified models + texture(s) to each MP player.

You could argue there would be too much combinations and variations but in the end, I’m not sure there would be much in practice and this could be quite efficient a solution, while preserving 3rd party vendors from any risk of model sharing because it would be streamed from Azure servers only.


While it would be nice to see people flying realistic planes in a realistic way, there are already plenty of mods around with Starwars ships, air balloons, even a goose.
I’m not particularly interested in seeing balloons running around at mach 2, or X-wings zooming past.

I’m not sure whether you’re agreeing or not with the OP with this?!?

If not, this is the point: you’ll see the same aircraft with the same livery, as any other one around you too, flying like it is flying. Today, you could see a C152 flying like a MB339…

I agree with the OP for people flying ‘sensible’ aircraft. I strongly disagree with the OP when people are flying X-wings and supersonic balloons.

So it all depends on the situation. Since implementing this is a correct way would involve some sort of curating of what is deemed ‘acceptable’, I don’t see it happening.

This is a nice suggestion to add then:

  • implement the MP model and livery system for all to see the correct aircraft
  • make it an opt-in setting
  • provide a function to opt-out models and liveries selectively on your system.
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Lucky man you are
Yesterday a friend and myself we try a multi player flight.
Both computer and MSFS on same server ( West Europe), Multiplayer mode , Live weather and so on selected
Same airport, 2 nearly closed gates
My aircraft was DR400 Robin Cadet
My friend aircraft was C172
On my MSFS Screen, friend aircraft displayed was a Longitude aircraft without landing gear !!!
On Friend screen my aircraft displayed was a TBM930 ( my favorite one)

We do missed something, but what ???


I think you have to check the page “General, Traffic”. TH last 2 lines in “IA and Multiplayers traffic” must be deallocated.

Try it and say to me if it’s OK now.

Thank’s for help
Today new flight and we get other information about that problem.
As we want to communicata during common flight we use VATSIM Vpilot on UNICOM 122,8 .
So here is the problem.
As soon as I connect to VPilot a ghost airplane is displayed on my screen. If I disconnect the ghost disappear.
On the picture below you can see 2 DR400 light aircarft and ghost B787 laying over my ftiend DR400
So may be incompatibility betwwen Vatsim and MSFS ???

I like this new Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) but I didn’t know the 787 could go in orbit :joy: