Multiplayer question on flying with others, being in the co-pilots seat? is that possible?

Hi there, How would I go about setting up the Multiplayer, as an co-pilot seat? if this is possible? Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA

Not yet as I understand but high on the wish list.

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On the official flight lessons they do they are using some application to allow 2 people to control the same aircraft. Not sure what it is though…

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It is multiplayer but a special kind I guess. It’s not available native in sim yet but there is a mod called YourControls that does that. See the description here:

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As @N7783L pointed out, there is a mod for this as what you asking isn’t currently available in MSFS.

The community wishlist has some topics you may wish to contribute to. Do a search for “shared cockpit”:
Search results for ‘shared cockpit category:163’ - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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