Multiple Inputs to Same Controls?

Currently, I have two different devices for dual throttles, mixtures and props - my Logitech X-56 and my CH Throttle Quadrant. I just added the throttle quad because I wanted a system that matched the twins, like the Beech King Air, and maybe the 2-engine heavies, and it was hard to do on the X-56.

What I’d like to know is if there will be a conflict between the two devices, or will I have to remove one to use the other. Can they both be connected without interfering?

I was getting conflicting behavior between my logitech quadrant and my warthog throttle. Not every time, but occasionally it would be clear that the sim was jumping between inputs, and the throttle would all over the place.

My solution was to create a profile with no bindings for the logitech quadrant, which I could switch to whenever I wasn’t using it. That way you don’t have to bother with unplugging, just go to the controls and tick the profile over to whichever you’re using. Also means you can still use the switches on the quadrants even if you’re not using the axes.