Multiple issues, I don't even know what to even call the topic

Trying to avoid the new "improved " TBM, I take the Beachcraft for a short flight. Loveland, Co to Denver.

  • The two engine throttles were responsive - not responsive - responsive - not responsive, repeat… (Just a vanilla XBox controller with fresh batteries.) This was the most annoying issue.
  • The weather was off then on but that’s understood right now.
  • VR went dark for a few seconds but did recover.
  • And then to taxi to parking at KDEN, I get this:

To your fourth bullet point, just turn back, turn again, set full throttle and try to fly over that building…

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Like it… if I could get the throttles to work in the first bullet point.

And if I remember well it is Asobo’s handcrafted KDEN which is also famous for its 30º slope taxiways at some places… sort of a rollercoaster ride to get to the terminal…

You should rename the post. “MSFS 2020 the new norm!”

And it just gets worse today. I set up an IFR flight Aspen to Loveland, CO in the Beachcraft using VR and:

  1. All my assist settings had been changed to easy across the board.
  2. ATC was erratic, I could hear transmit but no receive from them, and finally it vanished.
  3. The plane followed the planned route for a while and then went way off course and started heading north away from the airport to Wyoming.

I’m about to quit this disaster for a while.