Multiple licenses for network setup?

I am looking to upgrade my home cockpit from FSX to MSFS and need to know if I need to purchase more than one license for this to work on multiple computer set up on a network. I currently use WideView and see that they have it available for MSFS here: Download WidevieW and Widetraffic for Flight Simulator and Prepar3D. Buy now..
Also wonder if windows can be undocked and dragged to other monitors for custom

cockpit design.

You would need multiple licenses to run concurrent sessions of MSFS, although I’m not sure if that is even supported?

As for “popping out” yes, you can pop out panels, but are dependent on which aircraft you are flying.

Yes, you can run multiple instances of MSFS but you’ll need a separate license and Xbox ID for each one. You can’t run more than one copy at a time against one Xbox ID.

Windows can be popped out and dragged to other screens, meaning the pop-up windows like VFR map etc, as well as gauges that are configured for pop-out (in practice that means the glass displays only, and only the inner display, not the bezels - you need something like Air Manager for that), but not external views. MSFS doesn’ t have the same kind of windowing system that FSX had. You can have multiple windows on multiple monitors on a single PC now (it’s experimental) but it’s pretty limited in how you can set them up.

There are a couple of people using Wideview 2020 around the forum if you search for posts.

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Thanks for your reply! You would think after 3 years of being released, networking the Microsoft flight simulator would be common knowledge, specially on this website. Searching for simple questions can be a discouraging task in the forums. If WideView sells a version that works with MSFS, I would assume its possible.

Thank you for your help. Why would I need an Xbox ID for use on PC computers? I do not use Xbox (I’m old).
I have an extensive home cockpit using 5 32" LCDS for views, 2 LCDS for glare shield instruments, Flightdeck solutions FMC, home-made overhead panel, home-made center console, Go flight MCP and throttle quadrant, etc.

Just the way MSFS works, even if not on XBOX you still need an XBOX ID / profile.

MSFS requires an internet connection to work properly since the scenery etc is streamed from the cloud rather than stored locally on your machine, for live weather, traffic, multiplayer and photogrammetry. You have to have an Xbox ID to connect to the servers as MSFS runs under the Xbox Live system, which hosts both PC and Xbox games. When you run MSFS you log in under that ID. You can only do that on one machine at a time, which is why you’d need multiple IDs for multiple PCs running the sim.

Wideview is available for MSFS - you want Wideview 2020.

They do