Multiple Monitor Screens

I am wanting to set up three monitors to use with MSFS 2020. What will I need to accomplish this as far as hardware is concerned. I am running a ASUS GEFORCE GTX 1050Ti video card with a Intel Core I5-7400 Processor @3.00GHz and 16GB Ram. Thank you in advance.

Think you need other sim software rather than hardware, Sprinks… not going to happen soon with FS2020…feature is “backlogged” without any idea if or when it will ever come.

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There is some good info in the video below, Sprinks. It is do-able but not ideal, yet.

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I am not sure if your hardware is up to it in the first place. The multi monitor problem have several angles to it.
Some want to set up a wiev out of the front window and then have some of the instruments open up on other seperate monitors. This is not possible at the moment.

If however you want to have 3 identical monitors set up in a sort of arc in front of you and have the same wiev streached over the 3 monitors, the that is certainly possible. This is done in Nvidia surround, basically software that makes the 3 monitors work as one.
This is not optimized at the moment as the image becomes somewhat stretched at each end, but if you use trackir to look around it is hardly noticeable at all, and you are having the wonderfull peripheral vision putting you right there in the cockpit, and trackir enables you to dive into all the panels and screens.

My setup is i7 10.700, 2070super 32gb, on 3 monitors 5700x1080 and I am getting 25-35 fps everything at ultra.

As you can see in the excellent video above it is stretched in the corners/sides, and the guy does not use trackir. If you do then that helps alot really.

I use the stretch version. run MSFS in windowed mode. grab the sides of the window and drag it over to each side don’t go all the way it gets to distorted .I use about 60% of the 1st and 3 rd monitor. You will have a huge frame rate hit. But I have discovered that turning "Render Scaling down to 50 -60 % doubled my frame rates in stretched windowed mode. I cranked up Terrain level of detail to 170. Anistrocpic filtering and Texture super sampling Maxed out.
Texture Synthesis turn LOW .Big fps killer
Reflection medium.
I get 40-50 FPS and looks great.


So looks like according to the Q/A today Sebastian said multiple monitors with DX12 . So we will see. Some hope maybe.

I gave up and switched to VR.

1050ti even run MSFS at good FPS?

So it looks like even SU10 no multiple screen support. Well we are in 1995 right, well with Asobo we are. Prepar 3d should make a deal with Google Earth so we can dump this MSFS XBOX game.