Multiple monitors with Ultrawide

I currently have a 32” Ultrawide as my monitor and am thinking about adding another 2 to make a 3 monitor setup. This would be the main monitor as the main view and the 2 either side for side views.

My question is would I need to add the same Ultrawide monitor for the side views or could I just add some cheap 1080p 16:9 (standard widescreen) ?

Not sure if this would mess with the field of view not being Ultrawide as I’ve never tired it.

Has anyone tried this?

The monitors on the sides need to have the same hight and the same vertical resolution.
Otherwise you get a distorted view.

On my opinion you get the best configurable view when using 3 identical monitors.
I tried it with one 2560x1080 curved monitor and two 1920x1080 monitors on the sides, but that was not ideal. I also tried a single 3840x1080 49" curved monitor, but the outer sides had to much distortion. Now i have 3x MSI Optix G251F 24" 165Hz monitors and that give me the best configurable wideview.

Three matched monitors if you want things to look “real” and “normal” is MTCW.

How do you find the 3 x 1080p monitors? Is the resolution high enough to see the instrument panels?

My only doubt with this setup would be the small monitor size. I know you have 3 of them but I’m guessing the instrument panel would only show on the central monitor.

The resolution is high enough and i can read the instrument panels without any problems.

I was actually thinking about having the same 3 monitor setup that you have. I currently have a 34” ultrawide but want the extra field of view that 3 monitors would give. Do you have a picture of your monitor setup with the sim running so I could see how the view looks?

It looks like this.