Multiple pilot user profiles

I would like to be able to have multiple pilot profiles available on a single install of the game. I only have a single user set up on my laptop, but my son and I both enjoy flying the sim. It would be nice to be able to have separate pilot profiles for the purpose of achievements, flight logs, stats etc.

Yes…it doesnt make sense to me to be able to install a game and only have 1 xbox profile to be able to use it! I bought the premium deluxe and didnt realize its tied to the MS Store email that purchased and its not my primary Xbox email. So i played for quite some time logging many hours and achievements and realized i didnt have all my content and researched and found the problem…now im starting from scratch…and i dont have any of my friends or anything with this profile! Its pretty ridiculous to have such restrictions, especially when the profiles are also tied to my MS family account!! CMON MS…get it together!

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So it’s pretty obvious that you can only have one pilot setting which is linked to your Microsoft Xbox account but I think it would be great if we could save options and settings with different profiles. For example, if flying in VATSIM I want to use a headset for COMS only, which is doable through the sound settings along with your Windows sound setup, but if I am just playing within the sim I don’t use my headset so I want all sound coming from my desktop speakers. That requires some extra steps to get properly setup. Same with multiplayer off, live weather on, AI aircraft off, etc.

So is this possible, and if not does it sound like something ASOBO should consider in some future update?

Sounds like an idea Addon for a 3rd party developer ?
May be as simple as running a small program (or batch file), to edit a few .cfg files or .opt files, before starting the Sim ?
Easy Peasy Stuff !@!

ie I am already doing something like this, to set “EyeAdaption 0” in userCfg.opt. before it starts MSFS … because when MSFS closes, it always writes back “EyeAdaptation 1” to that .opt file with any other changed parameters that have been changed while the game was running.

FYI EyeAdaption 0 stops the effect of the cockpit panel going dark, when you also have some of a bright outside in your frame of view … an effect that I maintain is greatly exaggerated.

Actually for me, my 5 & 6 year olds like to fly and I had having to customise the sound and rudder settings etc (they can’t reach the rudders) and their flights wind up in my logbook.

I have the premium deluxe, surely I should be able to have multiple profiles. lots of games allow different family members to have their own profile/setup. Seems weird to not have it, and causes some frustration.

While we’re at it, I’d like to be able to tie my controls setup to particular aircraft. As it is I have to create a specific profile for each of most of the aircraft I fly. If I’m flying the caravan, it should atomatically know which profile I use with the caravan.

My 2 cents