Multiple screens functionality

My cockpit has 5 screens, I would like to be able to use them in the same way I did in my old version. I like side windows external views and all my instruments on one panel.


I also have 4 screens in my setup. X-Plane does a great job with multi screens. I was expecting the same with MFS2020. Unless I’m doing it wrong (exit full screen, move windowed screen to the far left screen and stretch it to the far right screen. towards the edges of the setup all graphics are stretched and ugly.


Hell yeah! Please at least be able to move instruments to a dedicated screen


Yes this will be a great feature to add. Totally agree. Right now apparently the views get stretched and distorted across multiple monitors.


If you use a NVidia GPU, you can bandbox your monitors, as if they were one unique screen. It’s called surround, in nvidia the configuration panel. I didn’t try on my dual monitor configuration. It allows you to play fullscreen, but I’m not sure it will solve the stretched aspect on the borders.

I’m also requesting multiple screen support (without using Nvidia Surround). I have three screens and I play DCS like that without any problem.


Is there a roadmap for multiple monitors setup?


I concur. 3 Displays that you can setup via a view frustum would be most appreciated.

One of my biggest disappointments was not being able to use multiple monitors. I’ve set up 3 monitors for external view and would like to be able to put the instrument panel on a monitor I have below the center. I used to be able to pull VFR maps onto one of the three top screens to check details.

Also used to be able to print out key bindings.

Graphics are good, but the rest of MSFS 2020 needs lots of work.

Finally, I prepaid for premium deluxe because it includes a Cirrus SR22 (what I mostly fly in the real world). Wouldn’t download!


Throw me in there too, I have three 55" T.V.'s for monitors and they work great on X-Plane and P3D. The graphics are very realistic, kudos to MS for that, but need my other two monitors working on it for deep immersion!

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I think it would be cool if they would do what they did in Fallout 4 where they used a iPad/Android tablet or iPhone/android phone as a pip boy. They could have some app running on a tablet to augment the simulator.

I also really hope multiple monitor support is coming.

IMO, no multiple monitor support, poor peripheral support, massive installation problems for some, and simplified aircraft aerodynamics and systems betray MSFS2020’s roots as an XBOX arcade game for the masses. I can’t blame Microsoft for exploiting the mass market, but I also hope the PC porting evolves into a proper full-function simulator for the hard-core simmers amongst us.

I agree would love to move instrutments to another screen etc.

Adding to the chorus of folks who suggest that undockable panels for multi-monitor support are a must. Nvidia stretch doesn’t cut it.


+1 for me. Would like a proper way of configuring not just multiple monitors of the same resolution, but a system more like the X Plane 11 method where I can use my 4 k as my main monitor, and my 2 2k monitors as side windows. If I stretch using the NVidia option, I have to downscale my main display for it to work well, and the side views are not good in terms of scale or stretch factor!


Agreed, MOST definitely needs multiple monitor support like X-Plane 11.


it already is…

RIGHT ALT + click on display puts it in a new window.
multiple popouts will show side-by-side in that new window with a bar at the top of each display. the magnifying glass with the + will put that instrument in a window by itself.

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I dont understand this. The r-Alt does nothing for me. When I go into Controls/Keyboard/Misc this key is defined. When I press this key it is validated. The help says something like “Allow to send the mouse hovered cockpit screen to new UI window”. How? I hovered, clicked, dragged,etc and nothing seems to work. I have only tried this with the standard Cessna 172 and wondr if this is a bug???

you use the right ALT key

the cursor changes from arrow to circle with + inside it when over a screen that will pop out

you click the display and it gets put into a window

when you have multiple displays popped out, initially they each have a grey bar above them with 3 symbols, one being a magnifying glass with + in it…clicking this magnifying glass pops that gauge into a window of its own separate from others…


Thanks. I got that working. I guess I understood this feature to be similar to that of XPlane where I can have and entire FS window inside each of my display. In my case, with my 3 monitors,the center monitor displays the main FS window/view while the left/right monitors show the cockpit left/right window/view.