Multiple video cards for multiple monitors?

The performance hit people are reporting using multiple monitors is disconcerting, if understandable/predictable. Has anyone tried a separate video card per monitor? Does that come close to the same performance as one video card and one monitor? Does MSFS care if it’s running 3 monitors off one card or off 3 separate cards?

Granted, I’m not sure my current motherboard can even run 3 video cards? And the Ryzen CPU only has 20 PCIe lanes, so they won’t all be getting 8 lanes.

Finally, I can imagine affording a few more 3080s in the not too distant future?! But I might be better off with one 4090?!!! But I ain’t holding my breath or counting on those being available at reasonable prices any time soon.

Forgive me if this has been discussed, I’m not finding anything.

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Well, if no one is going to say anything I’ll have to keep searching for answers. I have a friend who’s a pilot, works at NVidia, has a PC with 3 video cards in it and recently installed MSFS, so if I get any answers from him I’ll share here.

Hi Dylanear
Ill respond as looking/thinking similar. Not sure enough slots or grunt from MoBo and power supply. Good thinking otherwise.
Currently have a 2060super Rtx running 1 1440p and 1 1080p monitor and need some input before buying wrong gpu upg.and going to 3 1440p 32’’ monitors.