My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

The keyboard WIN key, the one opening the main Windows menu (the same when you click the Windows logo to the left of the Windows task bar). I have had good success with it but sometime you have to do it twice, or give it more time:

  • press WIN key on the keyboard, the sound in the headset stops but the game continues rendering
  • eventually turn your head toward something “light” 3D wise like the overhead panel of the A320 or the location where your feet are supposed to be
  • move the head sideways a few times until you notice there is no hiccups (but not necessarily MR yet)
  • press the WIN key again to close the Windows menu and restore sound in the headset.
  • from then on there is a great chance MR kicks in, but not always.

Nothing very scientific here, and maybe coincidence as well, but this has been working more often than not with my test system so far and eventually what you could do is use the WIN key approach first, twice at most, and if this still doesn’t work then use the “TAA dance” trick.

Hitting that key has no effect on the sims audio for me. Right now I’m flying the first leg of the Iceland bush trip at OXR100/ TAA 75 TLOD 200 Clouds high.

Earlier I was whipping the fbw around Chicago landing at meigs (addon) at TAA 60 clouds med TLOD 200

This is all of course with MR with practically no drops.

Lots of mods loaded up too, meigs, gaistv2, we love vfr 1&2, fbw, several aircraft, dnbof weather, your taxi markers.

Great stuff!

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Any updates on how things are performing after the update? (I havent had a chance to get back to things yet, or update).

I see no major perf change, but it seems to me there is a slightly better sharpness with TAA70+OXR100. I haven’t tried the “pre-caching” setting either and left it at its default for now.

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Thanks for the update, well at least no decrease haha

I tried the update, i cant get past the second (42mb) update file, just sticks (admin or non admin launch mode the same). Blah (turned out i had to sign out of xbox, relaunch, this time there was a much bigger 50gb plus update and it worked, test vr later)

Im flying with MR off these last few days, & these settings hold up incredibly well without MR too. (Now that I think about it I also dropped clouds down to med from ultra/high) MR has been a little inconsistent and annoying recently.

I may try remove my overclock and see if there’s any correlation.

Maybe it’s because I used MR for so long my brain is automatically ignoring the wobbles and artifacts. Either way. I’m liking it.


I used @CptLucky8 settings and latest Studio drivers, OXR70 TAA100 and it’s smooth with smooth MR, but I have tiny but very annoying regular stuttering - the image freezes every 1 or 1.5 seconds for a very short time. So it’s like tiny hiccups. They are very regular, and otherwise FPS feels smooth and MR is working buttery smooth. Almost no MR artifacts (with prop mod), which usually means there’s enough overhead.

What could be causing the regular hiccups and how to cure that? Any ideas? I heard about putting cache onto the RAM drive - anyone tried that? I have 64Gb of fast RAM, so maybe it’s worth exploring. But I have 60Gb cache configured, and putting it to RAM would mean reducing it to 16Gb maybe. Not sure the risk/benefit here…

BTW I also tried SteamVR OpenXR to check if it got better, with SteamVR resolution of 70% (TAA100) - and it’s horrible. I don’t think motion reprojection works for me in SteamVR at all. It’s like my G2 had a nervous tick - it’s jerking few degrees back where it was a second ago, all the time, every half a second of so, like time-travel hiccups. WMR OXR is at least playable, if only I could get rid of the tiny regular stutter.

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I’m experiencing the same with the latest 1.19.9, not as much with the prior version. The latest WMR/OXR Dev Preview seems a little better as well than the prior dev preview regarding this.

Usually when these are happening it is most likely the motion smoothing is taking just too much enough, in addition to the frame render time, to overflow the threshold (44ms / 22.5fps) and cause a hiccup. The next frame, motion smoothing will be disabled and there will be enough render time but it will show without motion smoothing. The next frame, motion smoothing will kick in again and overflow etc… until both render time + motion smoothing time stabilize under 44ms again.

There doesn’t seem to be any setting you can tune for adjusting the threshold detection logic, except a few registry values whose names are telling they might be related but I’ve not experimented with:

  • Is this one allowing to motion smooth more than 4:1 in WMR (like up to 6:1 with SteamVR)?

  • Otherwise these are most likely for 2D full screen WDM compositor:

PS: I concur SteamVR OXR → WMR for SteamVR is not better than WMR OXR directly now (but it used to be!)

PS: the most impactful setting when you’re at the motion smoothing threshold is Clouds. Just going from HIGH->MED or MED->LOW changes a lot the experience (both in terms of motion smoothing but unfortunately visually as well). This is usually the first one I change and with my settings on my test system, nearly the only one I have to change on ground, which I can revert back once airborne.

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Anyone here getting “rubberbanding”? With mr on the scenery moves nice and smooth then speeds up for half a second then back to normal. It’s not stutter or judder, it’s a new phenomenom to me that started about six months ago.
Sometimes increasing render scale stops it, but then the risk of stutter increases, it even happens if I reduce render scale to minimum (about 840x840!), this is on a 3090 and 5800x.
Changed every setting I can think of, uninstalled openxr numerous times and it’s still there.
Definitely openxr or sim related as all other vr stuff is butter.
It’s come to the point that I don’t want to load it anymore, and this is by far the most played game I have.
Any advice out there?

Interesting. I’ll experiment with increasing OXR to 75 - maybe it will improve the juddering (is that the term for what I’m describing?) because there’s less overhead. I tried OXR80/TAA100 but there’s a lot of stutter. My 3080/5900X can’t keep up, that’s too high load.

I resisted using MR for the longest time because it felt too fake and I couldnt get past the warping. Newer OXR as well as prop transparency mods have made MR way better and I have switched over to full time MR.

I say that because in all my previous (non MR) testing, I would always get slightly higher FPS with hyperthreading enabled in my BIOS even though the prevailing wisdom is to turn it off. Well, once I really started dialing in my settings with MR enabled, I was experiencing similar “micro-occurrences of differing frame rate”. Thats the best description I could give it.

Anyway, after adjusting every setting I could think of, I finally went in and disable hyperthreading and sure enough, those micro-whatevers seemed to vanish.

I’m running a 10850K with a 3090.

You may already have HT disabled… but food for thought…

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I can run the FBW320 at TAA70+OXR100+Clouds HIGH/MED (depending) in the air, TAA65+OXR100+Clouds MED on the ground, on the 9700K+2070S.

Otherwise with 1.19.9 I get much more reliable motion smoothing with TAA85+OXR80 (and better looking EFIS than with TAA70).

Eventually 75/75 is not too bad for motion smoothing but you loose a little on the outside details and not gain much in the inside details, but motion smoothing never fails nearly.

These are just a few TAA/OXR test points you might want to experiment with, but this really depends on the type of flying/aircraft, considering the higher OXR, the more outside details but the higher resources for motion smoothing, the higher TAA, the better the EFIS (ideally TAA100 for these). Finding the balance between the two when the hardware can’t sustain 100/100 is an art sometimes!

I want clear outside so much, that I think I’m willing to sacrifice a bit of EFIS clarity. So for the outside, should I lessen TAA and set more OXR? For now I fly mostly GA. Eventually I will fly more airliners. I like 737 the most, but so far no good one in MSFS. And the scenery is so great to enjoy with GA.

Interesting if it could also help my regular judder every 1s. Unfortunately AMD equivalent of hyperthreading disables sleep mode completely in Windows. Supposedly by design, so it’s not a bug. Weird design decision. So I turned it back on, after not seeing any noticeable performance difference. But I will try it off again, see if it helps my problem…

Thanks for that, I’m pretty sure it’s disabled but I’ll check anyway, maybe enabling it will help me.

I tried a feww things today, simultaneously with calibating and tuning my DIY motion platform (oh, what a joy!). Tested in Bonanza G35 with G1000 NXi in Graz / Klagenfurt area - Alps mountains and photogrammetry are in Graz.

  • Disabled SMT (AMD hyperthreading, disabling it also disables sleep mode). No noticeable effect on those 1s hiccups.

  • Moved rolling cache to Ram Drive (16Gb out of 64Gb 3800Mhz RAM). Didn’t vure the hiccups completely, but it’s possible that it has improved it a little bet, difficult to tell, may be placebo or other factors involved.

  • Tried OXR100/TAA70 - reverse of my usual OXR70/TAA100. Much sharper both EFIS and outside but performance went down the drain, unplayable, low FPS, MR fails all the time. Lowered TAA in flight down to 60, then 50 - not impressed.

  • Tried OXR85/TAA85 - that looks surprisingly sharp. Seems like both outside and EFIS are sharper than my former OXR70/TAA100! I really like this, I think I’m going to stick with this ot OXR80/TAA85 like you recommended. 85/85 felt a bit borderline. Hiccups are still present, but after enabling RamDrive they seem to be a bit less prominent.

So, next I’m going to try setting OXR80/TAA85, and also limit FPS for MSFS in NVIDIA CP to something like 24, so it never goes up enough to trigger next MR mode. Maybe that will help with hiccups?

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This is an interesting comment!

I’ve always stuck rigidly to WMR native on my G2 for performance reasons, even though the functionality in SteamVR is much greater, e.g. the number of tools/overlays available in SteamVR.

If this is true, then I will surely flip over to SteamVR…!


I’m actually saying it used to, but it isn’t anymore!

Oh yeah! I read that comment wrong. D’uh. That’s a shame!

I thought native WMR OXR has always been better than SteamVR for WMR on WMR headsets? I didn’t realise there was a time when SteamVR was better than WMR OXR? Oh well, thanks anyway…

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For me native WMR OXR was always better. Maybe because I need MR, I’m sensitive to low FPS and can’t stand 60Hz too. It’s just unbearable to me. So never tested without MR. With MR SteamVR OXR with G2 always was plainly unusable for me. Jerky and it also twitches back to where my head was a couple of seconds ago. It’s like it does a few frames then pulls a frame out if it’s ■■■ where if was for the last 2 seconds, then goes back to present, and it’s constant. Feels like broken tracking or broken MR. But in native WMR OXR tracking is almost perfect, I have no problems with tracking whatsoever. Only with stutter in the sim, or rather what I call “hiccups” every second or 2 seconds. Otherwise it’s butter in the air and almost butter on the ground.