VR Rookie Questions

Today I received a HP Reverb G2, connected it, loaded some Steam programs that are supposed to be needed, and took a short test flight. Failing to find a basic MSFS VR setup tutorial I though I’d just ask my first basic question(s) here:

  • How do you summon the (ATC, NAV, Weather, Map, etc.) panel at the top of the screen?

  • I noticed stuttering out the side windows and wonder what setting might reduce that?

  • How do I move my view back a little? I was sitting too far forward.

I can answer your first and third questions. The second has a million possibilities all depending on your system.

To bring up the menu in VR use the Tab key. I have it mapped to a button on my HOTAS.

Use the ALT-Down arrow to move back in the seat. ALT-UP arrow will move you forward.

Thanks Mike. I looked at TAB and see what it’s called; VR Toolbar Toggle. Now that I know what it is I will put it on my mouse or XBox controller.

I would have searched forever for those seat moves. Thanks again.

Question 2 may need me experimenting.

I upgraded a 8600K 6 Cores, 6 Threads with a 9900K 8 Cores, 16 Threads, that are about the same speed, overclock 4.8 vs turbo clock 5.0

and the loading and menus are a Lot smoother now, who knew …

Either your FPS is low or you are getting motion reprojection artifacting (which is more of a wobble than a stutter), both of which are most noticeable with side views. If the former, you can either lower your VR graphics settings or, as I do, just accept it. If the latter, try turning off motion reprojection, but that can then introduce stutter. I prefer stutter over wobble, so motion smoothing is turned off for me.

In other words, welcome to VR and chose your fix “poison” wisely :smiley:


For the endless options of how pick the settings for VR graphics (and the OpenXR render scale and reprojection options)….see the long but very very helpful posts from Cptlucky8 on here in this section. He has 2 posts, one for the G2 and another for the Index I think that detail all of his settings to get the best performance for his hardware…and then you can adjust from there for your hardware. Importantly, his testing helps to explain which settings have the largest impacts on the visuals and at what cost (cpu hit or GPU hit). A very important driver of results is the render scale in the sim and in OpenXR (or steam vr…some use steam with the g2 and others use windows mixed reality, both work). The render scale in the sim has a larger impact on the in cockpit screen clarity whereas the OpenXR render scale has a more noticeable impact on external visuals. Also, the LOD settings in sim have a big impact too. Lastly, don’t chase FPS but instead sim for smoothness and clarity as best you can with your hardware. Reprojection is a big choice too as it works great for some but others don’t like it, it’s a personal choice and has pros/cons. Here’s the Steam version of the excellent post I referenced and there is an equally as detailed one for WMR. Also put in the G2 version of the post.


Since when do you need steam with a reverb g2? You use Mixed reality portal and if wanted openxr dev tools.

I went to Steam to get the Windows Mixed Reality and Openxr programs. Some instruction (perhaps an HP instruction?) said that is where they are for download.

No, not accurate. You can get Windows Mixed Reality (WMR)and the companion OpenXR Developer direct from the Ms store and delete all of your Steam Vr stuff. It’s up to you, they both work to run the G2….you simply need one of the two methods to run the OpenXR software that communicates with the G2 headset….so either WMR or Steam VR. Don’t run them both at the same time and delete whatever one you don’t need so that when you turn on the G2 it connects with the one you want.


Thanks. Will do.

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Be aware that other than this title, 99% of all other games you might want to play use SteamVR…. Not sure I’d delete it.

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