My 2K settings (GTX 2070 Super) - moved from another thread


Here’s Nvidia Control Panel… I’ve been running with Vsync ‘off’ for last few days and it’s been good. I don’t really know what best setting is- ‘fast’ or ‘off’)



And ingame settings:

BTW, I haven’t done much testing on fps and FXAA… I could be losing a couple frames with it (there will definitely be some kind of hit), but it’s nowhere near half of my fps. Increasing render scaling to sort jaggies seems really drastic to me- FXAA should be much, much cheaper.


thanks a lot mate, that helped a lot! awesome! :+1:

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Hey - glad to hear it! :wink:

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really useful thanks for that :smile:

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Latest settings in first post. Changes:

Have upped the ‘Terrain Level of Detail’ to 200 (from 100), and reduced the ‘Terrain Vector Data’ from Ultra to High. I found this to improve detail (in mountain geometry and other areas) while keeping a nice performance balance by dropping the vector data a little bit.

Reduced ‘Anisotropic Filtering’ to 8x, and increased ‘Texture Supersampling’ to 4x4 (could be slight performance improvement over 16x Anisotropic Filtering).

Vertical Sync in Nvidia Control Panel is set to ‘Off’.

With these adjustments, I find my framerate and visuals probably in the best shape they’ve ever been since I started with MS2020. Apart from when at certain handcrafted airports (fps can dip into the 20s), performance is almost always fluid.

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Just curious as I have the same GPU, what are your other system specs if you don’t mind sharing.

Hi BlastedRegent57-

I’m running a I7-9700K (overclocked to 4.7GHz), and 32GB Ram.

I also slightly overclock the graphics card w/ MSI Afterburner (+ 50 on the core, +250 on the memory).

Have also switched off ‘game mode’, ‘game bar’ and geForce Experience ingame overlays in Win10. And set GPU scheduling ‘on’ in windows graphics settings.

There are youtube guides out there which go through these things (search ‘improve performance MSFS2020’ or similar). These settings may make some difference to performance but I haven’t properly tested the difference.

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Would you mind taking a screen cap on the runway in KLAS during the day, with the Vegas skyline visible. If you have a chance, I’m just curious how it looks. By no means is this an order, command, demand or anything like that, just want to compare notes if you are up for it. I have a 2070 and all I get is the melted lego look. Buildings don’t really start to form until the aircraft is like right over top. Then as soon as you move away, back to melted lego. I tried tinkering with LOD in the files, that didn’t seem to help. Boston skyline from the runway is another one that looks hideous and mal-formed until you fly right over top. Like I said, I’m curious if that’s something other 2070 folks are dealing with.

Sorry for late reply- have been away.

Here’s a couple from KLAS -

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