My airports

Since the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator I’ve been creating airports/runways. And with this, I wanted to share what I created so far.

This is going to be a megathread that I will update whenever I publish airports/runways I create so feel free to follow it.

Note: All my downloads are through NexusMods, that means you will need an account in order to download. Seems to be the only reliable community site for Mods that don’t host pirated content

Walt Disney Runway | Download here

Walt Disney International Airport | Download here

Amboy Runway (Route 66) | Download here


Nice :blush:
Do you have AI trafic on it ?
Because on my diy airport, i don’t have any. Why ?

I haven’t seen any AI land at either one yet.

Do you know of any scenery creators that take requests? - I live near KGTU (Georgetown Municipal) - in X-Plane 11 someone had done it - and I modified it a little with my little knowledge but don’t know enough to do it myself. Didn’t know who to ask :slight_smile:

If you DM me, we have a SDK server for MSF. Maybe you can get someone to make it for you?

This is great! I would love to figure out how to enhance airports. Maybe someone could give Auburn Muni, WA S50 some love, my home airport. My other favorite is Ranger Creek, 21W near Mt. Rainier.

Working on a new airport and it recently got updated. The Walt Disney International Airport.