My best practice to use and install updates

I don’t know how others do it, and I also know that there are lots of tips and tricks here to avoid mistakes.

Well, I’ve been there as an alpha tester since the beginning of the year and have got used to the following procedure in order to avoid all problems:

Basically I only use the computer with Windows and FS2020 and nothing else!
I use Google Chrome and MS-Edge but no Outlook or other e-mail programs and I do not call up any e-mails there or log on to websites via the browser that require a user name or password except what is necessary for the sim, the MSFS forum and the MS store. I use a different computer for this!
I haven’t installed any virus programs and only use Windows own Defender as security, nothing else.

Before installing the disk version in August, I checked and updated a bios update as well as all drivers. I keep updating the drivers regularly so that everything is up to date every 2-3 weeks.

I installed the sim on this current system and it worked perfectly from then on.
I “always” proceed as follows with patches and updates. On the day before the announced update, I always open the MS store before starting the Sim and only look there for updates and download them immediately.
Then I close the store to get to the desktop.
I open the Community folder with the File Explorer and cut out all the files and move them to a Temp- Folder so that the community folder is completely empty when updating or patching.
Then I start the sim and let it load the update. When the update is finished and the home screen of the Sim is loaded, I go to the general settings (after I configured everything as I wanted it to be, I took a screenshot) and set everything to standard using the lower button and save it .
Then I go back to the home page of the Sim and leave it to the desktop. Finally, I turn off the computer (no restart) and then turn it on again and check the MS store again for updates and the version number.
Then back to the desktop and start the Sim. After setting the general settings (were previously set to standard) using the screenshots, which takes about 5 minutes, I can use the sim. I have tried other variations before, but for about 4 months I have been doing it this way and it works and I have no problems whatsoever and it remains reproducible if errors occur because nothing else is used than the sim. Only when I have flown a lap without errors i go to move the files from the Temp. Folder back to the Community folder! that’s it!

Yes, I admit there was a situation where I had CTDs, but I was able to find this quickly because they occurred when nothing was in the community folder and I read that this occurs when the VFR card is opened during the flight (V- Button), then I didn’t use it anymore and everything went well.

I hope I could help one or the other with problems.

I press the update button only, works perfect for me :grinning:


I would love to have the luxury of using a PC only for FS2020, but that’s just one indulgence too far. :grin:

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Wow, that’s a pretty hardcore procedure.

During the afternoon of a patch release I open the Xbox Gaming App, it says there’s an update. I download the update. When it’s done, I launch the game from the Start menu. It downloads more updates and launches.

I have very few Community mods, just liveries and nothing that “fixes” what should be fixed. I figure the developers will fix those things eventually.

I also use my laptop for everything. I always have at least 4 Chrome windows open with anywhere from 2-10 tabs open in each and rarely reboot it unless I can avoid it.