My Biggest WoW factor yet

Taking the Beechcraft down through the sunlit clouds over Carlisle UK has been my biggest WoW moment yet…unbelievable.


It was over a week before I saw a cloud as I fly real weather and don’t jump around but always fly from where I last landed. I haven’t mowed my yard for 4 weeks, so we haven’t had any weather or clouds for nearly that long until this week in my area of north east US. First time I hit complete overcast and I caught a hole to climb up through to get on top, I too was blown away.

Also, below first image is from my bicycle trip and a climb to the top of the lookout over Pine Creek in PA, otherwise known as the PA Grand Canyon (with my touch of photo processing.) 2nd image is from on top of the lookout in the sim (with no photo processing.) I’ll have to pull it up in Lightroom and give it a little processing and see how it compares.

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I flew from Jan Mayen to Greenland yesterday, low clouds, going up to about FL250ish. Amazing layers!