My Christmas gift

Dunno what to say…



Loving that shirt

Perfect. Where’d you get this, or did you design it yourself? Either way, awesome! I recently was given a “call 121.5 for a good time” T-Shirt. Would love a MSFS related one!


Hi GrayestTundra4
Love it. But where is the important info? How much. Where can we buy it online. If that is why your girlfriend/wife left you, at least cash-in on this t-shirt (joke). :grin:
But seriously only after seeking legal advice on the use of the third line from 3 lawyers to get 7 different legal opinion - but not from any forum member who thinks he knows the applicable laws. :rofl:

My wife made it with her Cricut machine.

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I hope you understood my post as humorous.
IMO you have a great wife and should treasure her. I hope you can get your wife interested in being a simmer - for FS2020, X-plane or P3D depending on which suits you.
P.S. And my respect to the voluntary independent Forum Admin team that allows (or for MS sales revenue purposes or forum CoC must allow) some posts or threads that could have been deleted due to potential loss of sim sales.

Me thinks she’s not giving you a gift but sending you a message that she hopes you’ll understand. :wink:

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