My eyes feel strained after playing VR

This is not exactly a MSFS specific question, but I am wondering if there’s an app out there that can help someone like me confirm if my IPD or set up is optimum to minimize eye strain. Does such a thing exist?

What headset do you use?

You can measure your IPD with a ruler, just measure center of pupil to center of pupil.

You might want to make sure there is no finger prints, scratches in lenses, this. can cause eye strain, also whether your unit can utilize glasses or not, if you need them,

The Valve Index seems to work well for me, just replaced my HTC Vive Pro headset with it.

I use the reverb g2.

Get a static view with near, mid and very long distance objects. Slowly move IPD slider back and forwards. In and out. There will be a sweet spot. Leave it there.

If you don’t get, trying pushing the headset down slightly. The straps are initially a little stiff and you want the top, overhead strap just loose enough to stop it pinching your nose. You should look slightly down into the headset.

If you wear glasses for distance, e.g. you are short sighted, wear them.

That is all I can advise.

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