My G1000 does not work

Hi Guys,

SO I decided to give the default G1000 a go. I have select the Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000).

I then follow the instructions provided in the tutorial:
[HOW-TO] Creating a basic IFR Flight Plan via G1000 then filing with ATC]([HOW-TO] Creating a basic IFR Flight Plan via G1000 then filing with ATC)

However, when at the display click the “FPL” (Flight Plan) button to open the Active Flight Plan page, I Click on the knob to activate the cursor and turn the knob clockwise or counter-clockwise no alphabet shows up. What’s going on?

In my community folder, I have the GTN750 for my Airbus H145. Thinking that might be the culprit of making the G1000 not working properly. I delete it and jump back into the sim.

Still the knob not working as mentioned in the tutorial.

Can someone help/point/guide me what is going on? I watched a bunch of G1000 video in youtube and those people does not have any issue even the VOD from MSFS2020 official Twitch Fodder and Jayne. They too have no issue using the G1000.

Any help is much appreciated.

My recommendation ditch anything default. Grab Working title G1000Nxi from the store page it is free and it will be replacing default anyway. Next Grab a modded plane like DA62 or DA40 from My second recommendation ditch default ATC. It’s not super horrific compared to other sim platforms but it is somewhat clunky. Either get a third party software like Pilot2ATC which is awesome for an AI ATC, has voice recognition proper pharseology, moving map, or fly with default ATC as you were in VFR mode just request flight following. My WT Nxi works fine doesn’t interfere with PMS50 750 I have Modded Diamonds that I prefer to defaults fly fine with it. Default Cessna I haven’t flew in quite awhile but last time I checked it had no issues either. Double check your interaction settings there are new xbox like settings with click and lock and there is a legacy setting with hover and scroll manipulation schema.

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Hi @matrosov thank you for your respond. I will definitely do as advise. Thanks again :slight_smile:

The same problem for Cessna´s familly.
I uninstalled the game, reintalled it.
Without NXi 0.9.2 not working.
After NXi 0.9.2 installed from market place not working.
Thanks in advance.